Creepy Girl-Stalking App Girls Around Me Has Been Yanked From The App Store [Update]


Notorious girl stalking app Girls Around Me has been pulled from the App Store.
Notorious girl stalking app Girls Around Me has been pulled from the App Store.

Girls Around Me — the creepy geo-location app that allowed you to stalk and find personal information about girls in your neighborhood without their knowledge — has been pulled from the iOS App Store.

It’s unknown at this point whether Apple yanked the controversial app in direct response to the controversy sparked by our original report on the app, or whether the developers pulled it because Foursquare had revoked Girls Around Me’s API access — again in response to our report — effectively making the app useless.

As of writing, Apple has not commented on the fate of Girls Around me. However, Foursquare came out against the app in a public statement, saying that the app had violated the terms of its API policies, and that they would no longer support it.

Facebook has also commented on the matter to Cult of Mac, reminding uses that adjusting their privacy settings accordingly will stop these apps from stalking you before they start.

We have reached out to Apple again for comment on why Girls Around Me was removed from the App Store, and what Apple intends to do to protect users from similar apps in the future. We have also reached out to Girls Around Me’s developer, Moscow-based app publisher i-Free. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Girls Around Me developer i-Free has since stated that they pulled the app from the App Store of their own volition. You can read their full statement on the controversy here.


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  • davester13

    How stupid. Maybe if the various websites actually made it more difficult to get this information…hell, an app could just scrap the websites and present the exact same info, besides people manually doing it using the websites.

    If you and/or your friends are on all 4 websites, how can you NOT expect bad people to figure out when you are near them and how to gain your trust. Using Foursquare is publicly announcing “I am not home. Feel free to steal everything I’ve left there.”

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Wow thats creepy!

    I am glad they caught them though!
    Thats why I never touch those sorts of apps!
    Regards Caroline,