‘MLB At Bat’ 2012 App For iPhone And iPad Now Available In The App Store


MLB At Bat 2012

With baseball season nearly upon us, now is the time to download MLB’s brand new iOS app. MLB.com At Bat went live in the App Store for free this morning with some great features and better pricing options.

Instead of having to pay $30 for the separate iPhone and iPad apps like last year, MLB is offering a free, universal download with a season-long in-app subscription for $14.99, and there’s more options available.

You can pay only $2.99 to use the app on a month by month basis. If you have a MLB.TV Premium subscription for 124.99/season or $24.99/month, you unlock the app’s full potential. That also means you can watch live games from all your devices, including your Mac and Apple TV.

There are a few differences between the Premium options mentioned above and the $14.99/season or $2.99/month in-app purchases. Non-Premium subscribers are limited to one TV broadcast per day and game highlights as they happen. Access to radio broadcasts and GameDay features remain the same across the board.

MLB At Bat gives you access to live game broadcasts, radio, GameDay play-by-play, scoreboards, news articles, stats, and more. Download the app for free in the App Store. Spring Training games kick off March 3rd!

(via Fox News)

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  • McRCN

    Considering how many games are available to watch over the whole season and the cost, it is a great value over the price of the NFL ticket.  

  • btoe83


  • Brandon Dillon

    I’m a huge baseball fanatic (baseball seams tattoo on my wrist if that puts it into perspective), and I think that this service is overpriced. I ditched my cable box a while back in exchange for Netflix/Hulu/online streams and good audio/video quality baseball games are something I miss, but I can’t justify that price.