Publishers Can Now Offer Promo Codes And Submit Screenshots For The iBookstore


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Apple has announced some changes to the iBookstore today in an iTunes Connect letter to content publishers. Like the App Store, promo codes for iBooks can now be offered to iTunes users. Screenshots can also now be submitted for iBooks titles. This change follows the release of iBooks Author and Apple’s entrance into the digital textbook industry.

As related by TUAW, publishers are now able to give away up to 50 free promo codes per book to reviewers. It’s currently unclear as to whether promo codes will be available for e-textbooks.

1024×768 or 768×1024 screenshots can also be submitted to the iBookstore. Another change is that publishers can make iBooks available for pre-order up to two weeks before the release date without submitting any assets to Apple for review.

All of these additions to the iBookstore will undoubtedly be welcomed by large publishing houses and independent writers alike. Screenshots will help sell interactive e-textbooks, and promo codes will make it easer to get an iBook in the hands of the press.

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