VoxOx iPhone App Adds Outbound Faxing, Realtime SMS Translator

VoxOx iPhone App Adds Outbound Faxing, Realtime SMS Translator

VoxOx’s free telephony app was already heavy on features when it launched earlier this year. Now it adds two more big features: outbound faxing capability (previously the app only had the ability to receive faxes) and two-way, realtime SMS translations.

Simply photograph the document to fax using the iPhone’s camera, and the app can send the document to a fax number within the U.S. and Canada. Prices are a cent per minute of transmission to send a fax; receiving faxes are free to your VoxOx number. VoxOx says the app might work internationally — albeit with higher prices (rates here) — but they don’t guarantee transmission, so use at your own risk.

The second new feature, realtime SMS translation, allows two-way realtime translations between English and 36 other languages — great for texting that Norwegian exchange student you got cozy with in economics class. Again, prices are inexpensive, with one-cent texts within the U.S. and Canada, and two-cents per text worldwide (as with faxes, receiving texts are free with a VoxOx number).

VoxOx iPhone App Adds Outbound Faxing, Realtime SMS Translator VoxOx iPhone App Adds Outbound Faxing, Realtime SMS Translator

  • David Butt

    Voxox says: *Note: At this time we are not able to support Mac OS Lion. Stay tuned for future updates. Thank you for your patience.
    This makes the service less than fully rounded as a telephony application, as a lot of the management features are best done through a PC, rather than a phone.

  • YOUhin

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