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Zadarma’s VoIP app for iOS helps separate business and personal communications


Zadarma's VoIP solution now works on iPhones.
Zadarma's VoIP solution now works on iPhones.
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This VoIP communications post is presented by Zadarma.

Cloud communications platform Zadarma recently released an updated iOS version of its app that offers businesses easy access to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications internationally. Plus, it solves one of modern life’s most annoying problems: keeping business and personal calls and text messages separate.

Skype-Killer VoxOx Relaunches, Adds Tons of New Features, iPhone App Coming Soon (Hopefully)



VoIP service VoxOx thought its rebranding at CES — which includes a massive effort to unify almost every method of communication known to man, and new features like being able to pick your own phone number for free — was such a big deal, they had an army of extras with duct-taped mouths following around an alien who gave away “dozens” (according to VoxOx) of iPhones at the show.

In fact, the PR stunt attracted so much attention it detracted from VoxOx’s actual message about all the neat stuff they’ve bundled into their reworked desktop app, and that they’re well on the way to having an iPhone app out, pending Apple’s approval (and as should be expected, VoxOx says they’ve focused on putting out an iPhone app ahead of any possible Android app).

Here’s the big picture about some of the new features; everything — apart from some outgoing calls — is free: