This Trippy, Coloful Music Video Featuring Snoop Dog Was Animated Using Just An iPad!



If your audio taste is anything like mine, you’ll want to mute this music video for “Undivided,” the first single for the group Blush, feat. Snoopy Dog. It’s like someone vomiting jolly ranchers down your cochleas.

That said, make sure to watch it, because it was made by animator Shawn Harris using iOS app Brushes. Impressive, right? And we have the making off too!

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  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    The iHaters said that content can’t be created on an iPad, so this must not be content creation.

  • Sambo

    The “making of” video  is way cooler than the actual music video. Having to be subjected to that song was terrible.