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Apple makes big cuts to iPhone 13 orders amid chip shortages


6.1-inch iPhone 13 review
Customers already face lengthy waits for new iPhone 13 orders.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple is being forced to cut iPhone 13 orders by as many as 10 million units due to ongoing chip shortages, according to a new report. Cupertino had planned to produce 90 million handsets before the end of the year.

It is now telling partners that the final figure will be lower as partners Broadcom and Texas Instruments — which supply parts related to iPhone’s wireless connectivity and display — struggle to deliver enough components.

2018 iPhone lineup will bring even faster charging


Topping up your iPhone could be faster than ever this fall.
Photo: Belkin

The 2018 iPhone lineup will pack improved charging technologies to make topping up faster than ever, according to a new report.

Apple might team up with new suppliers who can provide higher-powered charging components. The upgrade should finally allow the iPhone to compete with its Android rivals when it comes to charging speed.

2017 iPhones probably won’t ditch Lightning for USB-C after all


iPhone 7 lightning
Apple's not giving up on Lightning quite yet.
Photo: Apple

The rumor that Apple plans to switch to USB-C on all 2017 iPhones has been shot down by one of the most reliable Apple analysts in the game.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sent a note to investors today claiming that all three new iPhone models supposedly set for release this fall will come with a Lightning port, not USB-C.

Modified Charger Can Install Malware Onto Your iOS Device


Photo: CBS Interactive

Thanks to Apple’s strict software approval process, iOS devices are generally considered some of the most secure. But you might want to be careful about where you plug them in for charging. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a modified charger capable of installing malware onto any device running Apple’s latest iOS operating system.

Texas Instruments Makes A Graphing Calculator Out Of Your iPad



If you were ever a dork like me, goofing off in Trig class to play Wolfenstein 3D on your graphing calculator, this will be exciting: Texas Instruments has brought their graphing calculator software to the iPad.

The new software mimics the functionality of TI’s TI-Nspire calculator, and it’s Texas Instrument’s first entry into the graphing calculator app world.

Intel And Apple Are In A Race To Hire Former TI Engineers In Israel



Apple is racing to hire former Texas Instruments employees in Israel in an effort to staff a planned R&D center. Not wanting to be outdone, Intel has decided to ramp up their efforts to hire the same former Texas Instruments employees before Apple can grab them first.

A new report claims that Intel is offering the employees “healthy compensation packages” above the standard salary rates in an effort to keep the employees from slipping into Apple’s hands.

iFixit Tears Down The New iPod Nano, Gives It 5 Out Of 10 For Repairability


7th gen iPod nano teardown
Almost every component in the iPod nano is soldered together.

Just days after pulling apart the fifth-generation iPod touch, iFixit have taken their tools to the new, seventh-generation iPod nano. This model marks another major change to the iPod nano lineup; it’s no longer a tiny device you can wear on your rest, but instead it takes a longer form much like the fourth- and fifth-generation devices.

iFixit has given this model a reparability score of 5 out of 10, which means that like the rest of Apple’s new iOS devices, this one isn’t to get into, or easy to repair. Here are some other interesting things the teardown uncovered.

The Security Chip Inside Apple’s Lightning Cable Isn’t Even As Sophisticated As Those Found Inside Printer Cartridges



Ever since Apple first introduced the Lightning adapter, much attention has been given to the mysterious chip used inside every Lightning Cable. Some speculated that the chip’s purpose was to merely “flip” the path the digital signals take from pin topin depending upon which orientation he cable was plugged into a device, while others have insisted that it is, in fact, a security chip meant to thwart counterfeit Lightning accessory makers.

What’s the truth? It looks like the chip inside every Lightning cable is a security chip, but it’s a simple one, less advanced even than the security chips you would find in today’s printer cartridges! And since those can be faked, so can Lightning.

Amazon Could Scoop Up TI’s Chip Business As TI Wants Out Of Smartphone Sector



Could Amazon be making a go at Apple and Samsung in the smartphone sector? According to Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist, it sure looks that way. According to the report, Amazon is in advanced talks with TI, looking to scoop up their chip business at a cost of billions of dollars. Texas Instruments has been quite vocal about wanting to get out of the smartphone market and has scaled back its support after losing most of its market share to Qualcomm and predicting an unattractive long-term opportunity for them in the smartphone market.