Modbook Pro Brings OS X To The Tablet, Pre-Orders Start October 3


The closest you'll get to an iPad running OS X.
The closest you'll get to an iPad running OS X.

Have you ever looked at your iPad and wished it ran OS X, Apple’s desktop operating system? I have — like when I attempted to use WordPress in mobile Safari. But a Mac-powered tablet is no longer just a dream, thanks to the Modbook Pro. The Modbook Pro comes with all the benefits you get with an iPad, such as a touchscreen and excellent portability, but it runs Mountain Lion. And you can pre-order yours from October 3.

Why Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet Will Have A Surprising Impact On The iPad [Opinion]


Don't be fooled by Microsoft's claims just yet.
This is the first tablet Apple will need to be aware of.

Best Buy Discounts New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air By Up To $140


Save a small fortune on your new Apple notebook buy ordering from Best Buy.
Save a small fortune on your new Apple notebook buy ordering from Best Buy.

It’s been just three weeks since Apple issued refreshes to its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and already they’re on sale at Best Buy, with up to $140 off the MSRP. That means you can pick up the base model MacBook Pro with Retina display — with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD — for $2,089.

You Can Now Pick Up A 2011 MacBook Pro For Just $200… If You Don’t Mind Bullet Wounds [Update]


"There's a hole in my MacBook, dear Liza, dear Liza."

There are a long list of advantages that come with owning a Mac, but premium machines come with premium price tags. As such, we’re always on the lookout for fantastic deals on Apple’s latest releases, and we’ve found a terrific one on Craigslist. For just $200, you can pick up a late-2011 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM.

There’s only one caveat: You’ll have to work around six massive bullet wounds.

Apple’s MacBook Air Nearly Shipped With An AMD Processor In 2011 [Report]



Apple updated its hugely popular MacBook Air last year to introduce Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors. But the Cupertino company very nearly shipped the ultraportable with an AMD chip instead. An employee for AMD has confirmed that it was very close to striking a deal with Apple, but AMD’s poor production yields meant that Intel was a better option.

Not Enough RAM In Your New Mac Mini? OWC Will Give You 16GB for $1,400


Image courtesy of iFixit

Apple’s latest line of Mac mini compact desktops offer some pretty impressive specifications. What with those latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and the opportunity to grab a solid-state drive with a custom build, you can get a super speedy mini if you have the money.

One thing you can’t get for your new machine, no matter have much money you have, is 16GB of RAM… at least not from Apple.

New Quad-Core iMacs Are Fast, Slick and Beautifully Packaged [Review]



Review: Early 2011 Apple iMac (27-inch screen, 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5)

Apple updated its venerable iMac this week with new machines that are fast, sleek, and beautifully packaged.

Sporting Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, powerful new graphics cards and Thunderbolt ports that can support two external monitors, the new iMac is the undisputed champion of all-in-one machines. Plus, it’s the only one out there that’s not butt ugly.

As well as being the most attractive desktop computer available, it offers just about everything modern computer users might need in a self-contained package, from a HD webcam to a gesture-sensitive trackpad.

I’ve been testing a 27-inch model with a 3.1Ghz Core i5 chip (the biggest, fastest stock model currently available at the Apple Store), and it may sound silly, but it’s almost too much machine for my needs. The screen is so big, I have to sit back lest I get motion sickness. And the i5 chip has power to spare for someone like me, who doesn’t do high-end video or graphics work.

Still, I’ll take it. If the chip is too powerful now, it sure won’t be in a couple of years.