Print Your Holiday Photos Wirelessly From Your Phone



Christmas is nearly here, and with it comes the snapping of a million never-to-be shared photos. So, instead of promising your friends and family that you’ll e-mail pictures, or trying to teach your mom how to use shared Photo Streams, or dicking around with SD cards and sneakernet, why not just make some good, old-fashioned prints?

And don’t worry – you won’t have to touch a computer.

G15, The Superstitious New Compact From Canon



Canon's other new camera today is the G15, successor to the G12 and flagship compact in the Canon range. The big changes are the lens, which retains its zoom range but gets a faster maximum aperture of ƒ1.8, and the rear LCD panel, which no longer flips out but now sports a higher 920,000 resolution.

The Best Document Scanners [Best Of]


There are two ways to deal with paper documents. Fire, or... scanners.
There are two ways to deal with paper documents. Fire, or... scanners.

Even in 2012, people still insist on giving us paper: bills, receipts, even business cards (!) all come printed on dead treeware, and all remain completely useless, unsearchable and easy to lose. What you need, until these people wake up and just e-mail you the relevant info — is a document scanner. Smaller and faster than all-in-one or flatbed models, these scanners can take a stack of paper and turn it into searchable PDFs faster than you can shred the source material.

Read on for our list of the best document scanners to use with your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Enough Is Enough – Apple And Other Tech Companies Aim To Steer Us All Away From ‘Conflict Minerals’


Let's hope Apple continues to wipe out conflict-materials in all its products.
Let's hope Apple continues to lead the industry to wipe out conflict-materials from all tech products.

The Enough Project released a report today that ranks the top technology companies on how well each one is doing in wiping out the use of “conflict minerals” like tantalum, tin, and tungsten in their products. Apple, HP, Intel, Motorola are at the top of the list, while Nintendo is at the bottom, along with HTC, Sharp, Nikon, and Canon.

The minerals in question, mined in areas of armed conflict and human rights abuses, are used in many technology products around the globe, and The Enough Project – a non-profit arm of the Center for American Progress – tracks these in its effort to combat crimes against humanity.

All These Incredible Olympic Photos Were Taken With An iPhone 4S [Gallery]


Women's 200m backstroke semi-final 2, SW012

If you’re a professional photographer going to the London to cover the Olympics, you’d probably want to take a huge DSLR and a couple thousand dollars worth of extra lenses to get the best pictures possible, right? Wrong.

Dan Chung is covering the Olympics for The Guardian, only instead of using his fancy pants DSLR, Chung is capturing the entire event using only his iPhone 4S and some binoculars. He edits the photos using Snapseed before uploading them to the web, and the results are pretty impressive. Take a look for yourself.

Photographer Shoots Olympics Using iPhone, Snapseed And A Pair Of Binoculars


Yes, this was taken with an iPhone. Photo Dan Chung


The idea that you need a fancy camera and a bag of lenses to take good photos is utter crap. It’s a myth beloved of camera makers, and lapped up by amateur snappers who think that a Leica M9 or a Nikon D700 will somehow improve their tawdry, insipid holiday snaps.

Don’t agree? Here’s exhibit A: Photographer Dan Chung is covering the Olympics for the Guardian with an iPhone 4S, a pair of binoculars (used as a telephoto lens) and the iOS app Snapseed, and his photos are – too put it plainly – better than yours and mine.