New Sennheiser wireless earbuds measure heart rate and body temperature


Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds olive
These new sport buds will track your heart rate and body temperature.
Photo: Sennheiser

Sennheiser unveiled three new earphones at CES 2024 that will compete with various AirPods, including Momentum Sport wireless earbuds that track heart rate and body temperature. Those kinds of sensors were expected in AirPods Pro (2nd generation), launched in September 2022, but didn’t show up.

In addition, Momentum True Wireless 4 earbuds become the venerable brand’s new flagship buds for sound quality and Accentum Plus bring top-shelf features to relatively affordable over-ear headphones.  

Ask AI-powered Rabbit R1 for anything (without touching an app) [Updated]


Rabbit R1 AI device
It won't replace your iPhone anytime soon, but it could make operating all your apps easier.
Photo: Rabbit

You can ask the new AI-powered Rabbit R1 gadget to do pretty much anything you’d normally do with some combination of apps on your smartphone, according to Rabbit’s fascinating keynote at CES 2024.

You can ask it to explain something, call an Uber, order a meal delivery or even book a fairly complex vacation itinerary, to name a few examples.

And unlike a would-be iPhone replacement like the Humane Ai Pin, Rabbit R1 comes with a screen and costs just $199 with no subscription necessary.

Update: Rabbit noted it sold out its R1 units on day one of sales, moving 10,000 units. See the company’s tweet below.

Apple TV+ notches 11 SAG Award nominations


Killers of the Flower Moon posters
SAG nominated Lily Gladstone and the ensemble cast of "Killers of the Flower Moon" for awards.
Photo: Apple TV+

The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards showered Apple TV+ with 11 nominations Wednesday for acclaimed Apple Original Film Killers of the Flower Moon as well as hit TV shows The Morning Show, Lessons in Chemistry and the one that ended but keeps winning accolades, Ted Lasso.

The awards will be presented on February 23 in Los Angeles.

His sister works for Apple. Brace for jealousy. [Setups]


Mac Studio setup with 5K Studio Display and 4K Samsung monitor
What do you do if one display is 5K resolution and one is 4K resolution?

When someone asked a marketing director in the United Kingdom how much money he makes, the man laughed and said, “Not enough to justify the contents of this picture” of his computer setup.

Hey, we get it. But then we suffered immediate pangs of envy when he went on to say, “My sister works for Apple so got a sick deal on a refurbed [Mac] Studio and new Studio Display.”

Yeah, good for you, pal. No, really. We mean it!

Anker ships its first Qi2 MagGo chargers


Anker MagGo 3-in-1 Charging Station
This folding 3-in-1 charging station is Qi2-certified and on sale now.
Photo: Anker

Many companies use CES to unveil products that won’t go on sale right away — including Qi2 chargers — but Anker is using the major electronics show to make hay about much of its previously teased lineup of MagGo Qi2 charging accessories going on actual sale.

Qi2 is essentially MagSafe for all, and it can be used to charge MagSafe iPhones at a full 15 watts, so these are worth a look.

Alogic unveils world’s first foldable MagSafe 3-in-1 wireless charger


Matrix Ultimate folding 3-in-1 wireless charger
This 3-in-1 MagSafe charger folds and disassembles for true portability.
Photo: Alogic

Alogic rolled out the portable Matrix Ultimate — calling it the world’s first foldable MagSafe-certified 3-in-1 wireless charger for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch — at CES in Las Vegas Tuesday.

In addition, the company unveiled four new 32-inch Clarity 4K-resolution displays (previous Clarity models are 27 inches), plus Glide Flexible Monitor Arms.

Turn Apple Watch into high-end jewelry with this band


Isn't it time you made your wearable an elegant piece of jewelry?
Isn't it time you made your wearable an elegant piece of jewelry?
Photo: Goldenerre

Your Apple Watch may be the ultimate tool, but it can also be beautiful jewelry with the right accessory. Goldenerre makes some remarkably pretty Apple Watch bands, and its Basketweave model is no exception.

Now available in the Cult of Mac Store in three lustrous finishes, you can get it for just $108.

Aqara’s new HomeKit-enabled wares include powerful hub, smart plug and lock


Aqara Hub M3
The new Aqara Hub M3 can help your run your whole smart home.
Photo: Aqara

Aqara highlighted new HomeKit-enabled smart-home devices at CES 2024 Monday in Las Vegas — the new Hub M3, Border Router Plug and Smart Lock U300 — plus an AI chatbot interface for the Aqara Home App.

The devices support both Matter and Thread networking standards. And the hub may help you control your whole smart home.

Holograms at CES? Samsung shows off world’s first transparent microLED displays.


Samsung transparent micro LED display
A screenshot from a video posted on X shows the transparent display in action.
Photo: Dave Snelling, @snellingD on X

Samsung showed off three transparent microLED displays at its First Look event Sunday just ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, according to reports. Two of them are tinted, but the totally clear one can have an especially hologram-like effect.

Don’t get too excited, though. With no availability or pricing information available yet, it might be a while before even any rich people you know can buy these.

Score a whopping $249 off latest MacBook Air


Woman uses 15-inch M2 MacBook Air
The M2 MacBook Air is powerful despite being incredibly slim and lightweight.
Photo: Apple

You can nab a 15-inch M2 MacBook Air for $1,049.99 on Amazon right now — $249 off the regular price of $1,299. That’s only about a buck behind the all-time low price the behemoth retailer has offered for the machine.

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Can removing a 4K external display count as an upgrade? [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with LG UltraFine monitor on stand
Once again, a monitor riser (and other updates) elevates a computer setup.

Multiple-display computer setups are all the rage, but can a workstation benefit from losing one of its external monitors, even one with 4K resolution?

If today’s featured MacBook Pro rig is any indication, yes, it can — especially if the outfit sees a bunch of other cool upgrades at the same time, like a cool new monitor riser, an open stand for the MacBook Pro and a great new office chair.

Lily Gladstone wins Golden Globe for Killers of the Flower Moon


Lily Gladstone in a scene from
Lily Gladstone's performance in Flowers of the Killer Moon earned her a Golden Globes win for best actress.
Photo: Apple TV+

After receiving 14 Golden Globes nominations, Apple TV+ notched just one win Sunday — but it was a big one. Lily Gladstone became the first Indigenous winner of a best-actress Golden Globe for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s historical epic Killers of the Flower Moon.

So, while Apple TV+ remains the only streamer to win an Oscar — 2022’s Best Picture for CODA — it didn’t exactly clean up this year at the Globes, which tend to foreshadow the Academy Awards.

New mophie Juice Pack battery case keeps iPhone 15 series going


mophie juice pack for iPhone 15 series
mophie's renewed juice pack keeps iPhone 15 series handsets powered up.
Photo: mophie

Zagg-owned mobile-accessories maker mophie let loose a blast from the past with a fresh twist at CES Monday, rolling out its re-engineered Juice Pack cellphone battery case to keep iPhone 15 series handsets charged anywhere.

And the company, which has made Juice Pack products since the first iPhone launched in 2007, also let everyone know its Qi2 Snap+ Powerstation Mini with Stand won a CES 2024 Innovation Award.

Dream of ‘Brazil’ dies in For All Mankind‘s fraught episode 9 ★★★★☆


For All Mankind season 4, episode 9, Kelly and Ed hug★★★★☆
Tears and hugs aside, Kelly Baldwin isn't falling for her dad's BS.
Photo: Apple TV+

Season 4 of For All Mankind entered its tense final phase Friday, with action heating up on Mars and on Earth ahead of climactic episode 10. Episode 9, “Brazil,” is all about setting up that endgame (and it really could be the End, as we await Apple TV+ news of season 5 renewal … or not).

But two characters won’t live to see that endgame. And many more lives are at risk as forces on Earth seek to control the fight in space over the Goldilocks asteroid’s vast mineral wealth — and maybe even the future of space exploration.

16-year-old Mac Pro drives even more-ancient Cinema Display [Setups]


2008 Mac Pro and 2005 30-inch Cinema Display
Wait, what year is it again? 2024. Right.

Say what you will about old Apple hardware, it’s cool and it’s got staying power — sometimes to an amazing degree. Today’s featured setup, for example, sports a 16-year-old Mac Pro with some modifications driving a 19-year old Cinema Display (the big one — 30 inches — first released in 2004, a mere 20 years ago).

The user’s just happy she’s getting the venerable desktop machine to run as fast as her spritely young MacBook Pro … from 2012.

How does Apple use AI and machine learning?


Siri on an iPhone
Apple takes a different approach to AI from many of its competitors.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become mainstream in business, large tech firms like Amazon and Facebook look to introduce AI features that transform the way we engage online through predictive purchase models and other algorithmic means. But how does Apple use AI?

This post is brought to you by Web Oracle.
In contrast to competitors’ high-profile activities, Apple lays low on the AI revolution. In fact, the company scarcely mentioned AI at all until recently. You’d be forgiven for thinking Cupertino might not even be involved in the buzziest tech around.

But it definitely is. Apple’s business teams are cooking up many AI and ML opportunities. Still, Apple takes on AI challenges from a different angle with a more intuitive approach. Let’s look behind the scenes at the world’s largest tech company to see how tomorrow’s ideas are shaping today’s products.

New keyboard case turns iPhone into CrackBerry


Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone
If you miss physical buttons and can get used to a much-bigger iPhone, this could be for you.
Photo: Clicks Technology

Clicks Technology unveiled its first product Thursday — Clicks Creator Keyboard. It’s a case that fits around an iPhone, providing a full keyboard with physical buttons that may remind people of BlackBerry’s heyday.

“We use keyboards on our desktops, laptops and tablets every day – so it’s kind of odd that we abandoned physical buttons on the smartphone,” said Michael Fisher, Clicks Technology co-founder and a popular YouTube tech reviewer known as MrMobile.

“Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone, so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide,” he added.

Dell ratchets up 5K-display competition with new curved 40-incher at CES


Dell 40-inch curved 5K display
Dell's new 40-inch ultra-wide curved display packs 5K resolution and 5-star eye-comfort certification.
Photo: Dell

Dell introduced new 34-inch and 40-inch ultra-wide, curved, high-resolution monitors Thursday ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, including a big 5K screen that ratchets up the competition against Studio Display and other smaller 5K screens. Dell’s new monitors go on sale in late February.

Both screens are certified for eye comfort, but the larger one is “the world’s first 40-inch 5K monitor certified for five-star eye comfort,” the company said.

Capable, low-priced PDF editor is optimized for iOS 17


PDF Editor free offer
If you want a high-quality, feature-rich PDF editor but don't want to pay top prices, PDF Editor PDF Book Reader could be for you. Claim your free one-year subscription now!
Image: PDF Editor PDF Book Reader

For anyone who only needs a PDF editor to occasionally sign or modify a document, paying Adobe Acrobat’s monthly price may be too much. So it’s a good thing you have less-expensive yet feature-rich apps like PDF Editor PDF Book Reader to try.

People have relied on the app for years, and now it’s optimized with new features to work brilliantly on iPhones with iOS 17 and on iPads with iPadOS 17. Plus, Cult of Mac readers can get a free one-year subscription to the app (details below).

Jump-start your new year with fresh Apple Fitness+ activities


Apple Fitness+ workouts
New workouts count down to the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.
Photo: Apple

Apple Fitness+ brings fresh ways for users to stay active and mindful in the new year with new activities starting January 8, Apple said Thursday.

You can try a new sound meditation theme, a workout program with golfer Rose Zhang, an Artist Spotlight series tied to the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, Time to Walk episodes available on Apple Podcasts for the first time and more.

Speidel stainless steel Apple Watch bands are built to last


Stainless steel bands are durable and stylish.
Stainless steel bands are durable and stylish.
Photo: Speidel

Stainless steel Apple Watch bands are where high-tech meets durability, style and comfort. And Speidel makes some exceptional examples, including its Stainless Steel Linked Watchband for Apple Watch.

Believe it or not, right now you can get that tough and stylish band for less than $40 in the Cult of Mac Store.

iPhone Pro models see continued sales growth as smartphone market flags


iPhone 15 Pro Max
You're not the only one who wants an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max.
Photo: Apple

While smartphone sales have seen declines recently in general, premium handsets like iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max should see 6% sales growth to hit a new record for 2023, according to a new report Wednesday.

Apple dominates the premium market, but Huawei and Samsung have made inroads, especially because of foldable handsets — a market segment Cupertino hasn’t entered yet.

Dual 5K displays and giant DIY desk distinguish this rig [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup
Cleaned, reorganized and beautifully underlit, this MacBook Pro and Studio Display rig is ready for work in the new year.

People often compare LG’s UltraFine 5K display to Apple’s Studio Display because they’re directly comparable, with the same size and resolution. But rarely do you find the two in the same setup. That makes today’s dual MacBook Pro and dual 5K display setup something of a rarity.

That, along with the rarely seen Wacom drawing tablet and the truly massive DIY desk, fashioned from a kitchen countertop and mechanized legs.

Hone your Hollywood knowledge with Movie Crosswords


Movie Crosswords game on iPad (screenshot)
You can play Movie Crosswords on your iPhone or your iPad.
Image: Digiluna Games

There’s nothing like a good crossword puzzle or word-search game to stimulate the brain. But a lot of themed crossword puzzles offer just a few clues and sometimes an image related to the subject. Not so with Digiluna Games’ Movie Crosswords game.

This post is brought to you by Digiluna.
The clues in all of the easy-to-play crossword and word-search puzzles relate to the cinematic theme, making them unique — and a great way to boost your Hollywood knowledge.