Apple Design Awards: And The Winners Are…



The Apple Design Awards just concluded at WWDC, and the winners are…

The winners got a MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPod touch, and a Design Award trophy like this one.

Category: Student

Category: iPhone

Category: Mac

Category: iPad

Pictures by David Barnard of App Cubby.

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7 responses to “Apple Design Awards: And The Winners Are…”

  1. Zeteboy says:

    The trophy is stunning. I’ll bet someone stayed up late to design that one. No award to them.

  2. Barbara says:

    But it GLOWS.

  3. cheesy11 says:

    cheer up charlie

  4. Jamal22 says:

    “Our Choice”!! You’ve got to be kidding me. Stop with the political smoke and mirrors message  of Al Gore and concentrate on real apps, Push Pop Press.

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