Leaked Screenshot Shows What iCloud’s Login Screen Looks Like



Hey, what do you know? It’s the beta login page for Apple’s soon-to-launch rebranding of MobileMe, iCloud.

What lies behind that tasty login, anyway? A cloud-based iTunes library, ready for streaming? We’ll know on Monday.

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29 responses to “Leaked Screenshot Shows What iCloud’s Login Screen Looks Like”

  1. V. M. Christiansenn says:

    nice looking forward to test it.

  2. robpickering says:

    That looks like a picture of a badge, not a screen shot.  Bet these are just badges that are being handed out at WWDC.  Doesn’t mean the login screen will look like that.  

  3. brownlee says:

    Why would a badge have a stay signed in for two weeks tick box on it?

  4. robpickering says:

    Why would a login screen have a plastic badge lanyard hole and cut out at the top?  They’re being cute.  Maybe it even IS the login screen, but it’s not a screen shot of the login screen.  It’s a picture of the badge.

  5. Guest says:

    I say… Fake.

  6. prof_peabody says:

    If this is real … I hate it when people do this.  

    What’s the point of ruining the surprise just days before the event?  If you want to be James Bond and break the NDA, do it months before the event when it’s actually relevant information and there is a possibility of getting caught.  Doing it now is just lame.  It ensures that the person won’t get into too much trouble (lame), and just ruins the surprise of the event (also lame).  

  7. gafstr says:

    makes total sense to me

  8. prof_peabody says:

    No way that’s a picture of a badge.  It’s a drawing (rather obviously so). 

  9. Son1ze says:

    Umm…the lighting on the card/lanyard and the drop shadows are a little too ‘perfect’ for that to be a picture of a real badge. Looks like a iPhone snapshot of an internal Cupertino campus login graphic for employees implemented on either a Mac or maybe an iPad…

  10. robpickering says:

    My point was that it is not in fact “a leaked screenshot” of the new login screen.  Whether it’s a badge, a drawing of a badge, or a rendering of an icon, doesn’t matter.  It’s most definitely not a screenshot of the login page.

  11. Timothy Williamson says:

    Looks like a login screen to me. Why would a slide of a render of a badge have login/password entry.

  12. Kush Mahajani says:

    It’s a troll. http://twitter.com/#!/chpwn/st

  13. iHate_Is_Back says:

    If that’s the actual login screen it looks mega lame.

  14. Korv3000 says:

    But it’s a badge, deigned to look as some screen!

  15. onlybestgame, Best online game says:

    Let’s see whether it looks like this or not, on this coming monday! :)

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