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Will Apple’s iWork.com Finally Grow Up? [WWDC 2011]



Apple last update for iwork.com was released in January this year. Users were notified via e-mail, that enhancements to iWork.com Apple’s public beta online service for iWork ’09 users had been released.

This announcement came out of the blue at the time regarding a service that has definitely been off the radar for a long time and in beta for longer than I can remember. It’s future isn’t clear considering the pace at which Apple is deploying features on it. Perhaps that will change this year with the rumored release of iWork ’11 and the imminent release of Apple’s iCloud services at WWDC 2011 next week.

The changes Apple announced earlier this year included descriptions of the following enhancements:

Play back Keynote ’09 presentations on the web, complete with animations.
Using Keynote for Mac, share your presentations and let viewers experience them with over 15 animations, video, hyperlinks, and audio. Play back a presentation on iWork.com using the latest version of Safari on a Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Just swipe to advance slides on your iPad using Safari.

New publishing options for public sharing and private online storage.
Upload your documents for private online storage and easily access them from anywhere, or share your documents on social networks using a Public link. Also, you can now embed your presentation seamlessly on a website or blog using the embed code provided byiWork.com. To learn more about these features, and to view an embedded presentation,click here.

You’ll need the latest version of iWorks which is iWorks ’09 to use these features that are accessed through the “Share via iWork.com” option on the iWork applications Share menu.

I’m definitely interested in seeing what happens to iWork.com, but I’m more interested in finding out when it will go live and no longer be a beta. On that topic Apple is keeping mum, but the chances are that iCloud may change all of that.

That new service could potentially expand on the sharing features offered on iwork.com and Apple recently released versions of all the iWork apps – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the iPhone. So it makes sense that one WWDC 2011 keynote announcement would be that iWork.com may finally come out of beta. Everything seems to be aligning just right to make this a good possibility. I just hope that this it isn’t Apple’s “one more thing! ”