Weather HD Will Change the Way You Get Your Forecast on the Mac



Weather HD is already one of the most successful weather applications for iOS devices – featuring in our roundup of the best weather applications in the App Store. Now Vimov have brought their creation to the Mac App Store to change the way in which you view the weather forecast on your Mac.

Just like the iPhone & iPad versions, Weather HD for the Mac attempts to deliver the weather forecast in the most visually alluring way possible – with dazzling HD background animations that depict current weather conditions in your chosen location.

It boasts weather forecasts for more than 150,000 locations around the world, severe weather alerts for the U.S. and Europe, weather maps and moon phases and customizable notifications. The QuickMenu toolbar also provides quick and easy access to the temperature for the locations you specify

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Its full screen mode really shines on an secondary display if you leave it running in the background while you’re working away. If you like it on your iPhone, you’ll love it on your Mac, but for those who just want a plain and simple view of the weather forecast, Weather HD might be a little bit unnecessary.


     no it wont change that ! i don’t want another oversized, ipad app for my mac ! I want more REAL apps on the mac appstore! Not tokitori and white noise

  • Martin Topinka

    i agree

  • iMunas


  • D9


    I’d also add that this app, while nice at what it does, is such overkill for me. Look…I just want the weather forecast, not eye candy! (I’m hooked now on the minimalist WeatherStation iPad app)

  • cheesy11

    i have got to get me a macbook, what an awesome little laptop

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  • Maxi

    Oh, for the good old days when you were able to get the weather report as just, here it comes .. get ready! .. the weather report \-_-/