ITC to Apple: Your Case Against Kodak Is Only Partially Developed


Photo by blitzmaerker -
Photo by blitzmaerker -

The courts smacked Apple down today in a suit against Kodak, and it could cost Cupertino up to $1 billion in licensing fees.

Adding insult to injury, the ITC judge also ruled one of Apple’s patents invalid.

A U.S. International Trade Commission judged ruled in favor of Kodak in Apple’s patent-infringement lawsuit yesterday.

The ITC began its investigation in May 2010 after Apple claimed Kodak violated two patents on video and still cameras. The infringement claim followed a Kodak accusation against Apple and Research In Motion, charging the two companies were violating the Rochester, NY-based firm’s patent on previewing images. The ITC in March said it would review an earlier decision which favored Apple and RIM.

“We’re pleased by today’s ruling and we are looking forward to the full ITC commission’s ruling in our case against Apple and RIM, which is expected in late June,” Kodak spokesperson David Lanzillo said.

The ruling could be worth as much as $1 billion in licensing revenue, Kodak CEO Antonio Perez has said.


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     What a market cap of 700 million, Apple should just buy Kodak.