Panasonic’s Lumix G3 Is A Micro Four Thirds That Focuses Like An iPhone



Looking for a new camera with the look and power of a DSLR, but in a smaller digicam footprint? You might want to check out Panasonic’s new Lumix G3 Micro Four Thirds.

Ditching the more point-and-shoot inspired aesthetic of most micro four thirds and instead resembling a micro sized DSLR fit for a hobbit-sized humanoid, the aluminum-made Panasonic Lumix G3 comes with a 16.6MP sensor… a substantial upgrade over the 12MP Panasonic has favored in previous models.

That’s a monster of a sensor, but wait for reviews: often times, more megapixels means more noise, so that sensor upgrade may actually be a sensor downgrade.

Another change is that the G3 drops the eye-sensor of the Lumix G1 and G2. That’s disappointing: previous Lumixes would neatly switch between the rear LCD and the view finder when you put your eye up to the latter. Now you have to toggle it manually. Boo.

Gone also is manual focus controls. Now you need to use the touchscreen to manually focus, similarly to the iPhone.

Other additions include stereo mics for video, which eliminates the option to connect external microphones.

If you’re interested, the Lumix G3 is available now in colors ranging from black, red, white and brown. It comes with a 14-42mm zoom lens, and will cost $700.

[via Gadget Lab]

  • Mark Holmes

    A good review:

    Although for a couple hundred more, I’d get (and already have) the GH2, which has better image quality and shoots amazing HD video, with a 24p 1080p setting.

  • Mark Holmes
  • Ed Andrade

    @facebook-800189406:disqus  I also got the GH2 but I’m still waiting (desperately) for it to arrive. Such an awesome camera but so hard to find anywhere, what’s the matter with Panasonic, they have the IT camera in their hands and kinda screw up marketing and distribution…

  • David Jefferis

    Loss of the external mic input on this one is a downer – for serious sound the GH2 is the only option in the current lineup. Great camera though, so no real complaints.