Another Way To Sell Android Phones [Funny Video]



It’s another one of those Android marketing meetings.

Big Boss is angry.

“We tried radical,” he fumes. “You gave me radical, but it’s not good enough.”

You’re right boss, you say. Not good enough.

“What we need,” snorts Big Boss, “is something crazy. Something zany. Something goofy. Something that people will take one look at and instantly say to themselves: I HAVE TO GET MYSELF AN ANDROID. That’s what we need.”

Hmm, you say. Something that will make people want to buy Android.

“Yeah,” says Big Boss. “Something that really gets ’em fired up with excitement. Something that’s as far from those OH LOOK AT ME I’M SO COOL Apple ads. They make me spit.”

Big Boss spits, demonstrating his feelings.

OK boss, you say. How about something like… this?

  • Tom2h

    The first thing I thought is that it reminded me of Steve Ballmer dancing

  • Kamuro

    The guy can dance.

  • gilest

    true, he has some moves. all the more impressive given the suit he’s (she’s?) wearing…

  • devunish



    Already seen this video before, but still hilarious.

  • Fatsvernon


  • GHo5t

    To me this dancing android says go out and get Dance, Dance Revolution. Nice use of redirect though. In the back ground you’ll see four or five guys very interested in something. In fact one of the guys at about 1:40 into the video decided that he wants a photo of the young lady who is acting as the announcer. Wow, dancing androids and sexy young things selling electronics equate to a tried and true sales campaign when the product won’t sell itself. I don’t think that I have ever seen these marketing ploys tried by Apple.

  • Chris

    I wonder how the person can dance that well inside that android puppet …

  • Francesco

    Here in Mexico, there are a Pharmacy chain that does the same thing all over the country to get customer´s attention using the same method…

  • Tyler Mitton Design

    That is baller.

  • john hardy

    thanks! very good articles