TV News Anchor Tricked Into Licking iPad [Very Funny Video]


You’ve got to watch this video. I know April Fool’s Day is long gone, but this one is worth it. It’s the perfect set-up: a local news team prepped a segment about a new app that emits smell and taste via “piezo-electrics.” The other anchor, who’s in on the joke, tells his colleague that amazingly, it works. Skeptically, she tries it out, and everyone cracks up. Very funny.

Via NextRound

  • Itsme

    Who is she?

  • aardman

    A lovely pair starting around 1:48.

  • Jordan Wyatt

    Damn they’re douchebags though, sorry, these are professionals, on American tv? Sure, do the little trick, its the yukking it up afterwards, and all pretending to lick iPhones etc too… remind me again why I dont watch television! :-) Well, I see the “faux” label…

  • mjselvig

    Newsanchor, Imma let you finish… but David Letterman is the best iPad licker of all time.

  • Allan

    Looks like Fox channel 5 in San Diego – you know, the same town where Apple executed a criminal trying to rob an Apple Store :-)

  • Dilbert A

    it’s disappointing to find this type of article here.

  • Cormac Moylan

    I think the funniest part of that video is the “clear skies” bit in the end. Clear skies, you serious? That guy must of been licking all kinds of crap off his iPhone.

  • GHo5t

    Very funny. It brought a little levity to my morning. Thanks COM for running it.

  • Jason

    Wow… did you just infer that a corporate entity invoked capital punishment on a would be thief? Lets get The facts straight before levying those types of accusations. The main point is that the thief crashed through the window of the store and was brandishing a firearm of his own. The security officers mandate is to protect people and property in that order. When a guy flailing around a weapon enters your store.. then you neutralize that threat to the staff and customers that are present.

    I am sure that Steve jobs did not issue an execution order as you seem to want to purport.

  • Crazygoblin1

    Another DNA sample for steve job’s cult.