iPad2 Parody Video Shows Thin Line Between Love and Hate



It’s almost too easy to make a parody video of Apple and its products these days. The company follows an easily discernible regularity in its product launches and despite growing popularity and marketshare for all of its products over the last decade, Apple’s “image” is tagged with the weight of a certain “hipster cred” that tends to make for easy pickings when it comes to ridicule.

Director Dan Dobi and writer Steve Rogowski skate pretty close to several uncomfortable lines in this one, however, which, presumably is intentional.

After all, parody and sarcasm are about getting people talking, right?

  • UndefinedAJ

    This is not even remotely funny.

  • Guest114585

    Where is the awesome part? Did I miss that? Only the black guy was kinda funny the others were so unoriginal…

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I love Apple and plan on buying multiple iPad 2’s on launch day…but, c’mon…this was hilarious! Especially the Aluminum bit. lmfao!

  • appledude5


  • knowimagination

    Honestly I have seen 3 or 4 different spoofs so far and not one of them has even caused me to smirk let alone laugh…

    Either people are really stupid or they just like to laugh at anything that is making fun of apple. Either way its a bit disappointing.

  • harshbutfair

    So, Apple is predictable in its marketing style, allowing smart spoof-makers plenty of time to come up with witty one-liners and insightful social comments ahead of product launches…

    … except this was anything but. A poor parody, containing some unnecessarily uncomfortable lines. Their ‘iCrap’ joke could equally be used to describe this awkward attempt at parody.

  • BirdMan9

    “they give me $100 just to be here” lol

  • Multi_moog

    Incredibly, incredibly lazy writing. “Let’s take the most-repeated, surface level criticisms about Apple – like, they just put an ‘i’ in front of their product names – and hope we get linked on enough blogs!”

  • Dan Rhodes


  • Rhugh74

    oh c’mon. Either you take your loyalty to apple too seriously or you have no sense of humor. Conan’s spoof was hilarious http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/03

    Regardless, apple will sell millions of these and these spoofs will continue to make people, who haven’t had their apple pride bruised, laugh!

  • CharliK

    Yep. And most of the semi original jokes just weren’t that funny.

  • knowimagination

    I am just picky about comedy I guess. I like humor to be clever and original and I just don’t think any of these spoofs have either of those qualities.

    I will admit I thought it was funny the first time I saw one (original ipad I think), but now… not so much

  • paul

    Extremely. It looks like something some junior high school students would make.

  • Joseph

    That was hilarious. I didn’t see the hate either.

  • gnomehole

    Some of these are poorly done and not even funny. 10 seconds into this one and I knew it wasn’t worth the time.

    I do like some of them as they are well done but this one and many others are not. They waste Internet space.

  • gernbblanston

    Conan funny. This. Not so much. The actors explain the jokes. It’s like they writer thinks the viewer is too stupid to realize it’s a spoof. WAY too long. The thing is the Apple video (and i’m a true apple fan) is funny. It’s so close to being a spoof itself, so you don’t need to push it much further. It’s why SNL’s parody of Palin is so funny. Because she just plays it straight.

  • appledude5

    holy crap! you guys that are hating this must be a.) butt hurt cause someone is making a PARODY of apple, or b.) must be REALLY REALLY FUNNY PEOPLE… if you’re going to say this was crap, please write one clever joke that and submit it here… friggin’ troll ass nerds, this video is quality.