Crisis Over: Google Has Reinstated Cult of Mac



That was quick. Google appears to have already upgraded in its search results, just a few days after downgrading us.

As we noted yesterday, Cult of Mac was collateral damage in Google’s war on crappy content farms. For some inexplicable reason, we got downgraded when Google tweaked its algorithms last Thursday.

But today we’re back in. We’re on Google News (a very important source of daily traffic) as well as Google’s general search results. However, we still get outranked by some of the scraper sites that steal our content, so not everything’s perfect.

Why we’ve been upgraded, I have no idea. Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts, tweeted me yesterday, saying Google had likely seen my post and would get it resolved. And published a story about us today after speaking to a Google Fellow Amit Singhal. But the changes were already in place early this morning, which makes me think Google is slowly tweaking its algorithm to get better results. I’ve asked Cutts for an explanation, and will post up if/when I get a reply.

I’d like to thank readers for your awesome support. We got some very nice notes in the comments to the last post. Made my day. Thanks guys.

  • Jon Milani

    Good to hear! Google is right to downrank the content farms, and some collateral damage is to be expected. That being said, it’s good to see you guys were reinstated so fast.

  • Alan

    It is VERY good to see that CoM was quickly reinstated. Now, if only the benevolent and wise Google will just DOWNGRADE quickly the worst offenders that they missed in the first round, including Demand Media,,, etc… all of whom are ridiculously bad offenders that are hurting everyone else with superior content.

    Can you believe that Google still indexes over 11 million pages of pages that have “Can you answer this question?” with NO answer, while other sites that have good content are much lower in the Google listings. And the worst part is that the REALLY BAD CONTENT is surrounded by google adsense ads, with the express purpose of boosting revenue to (and Google). It’s really quite unbelievable.

    What’s worse is that even has been promoted on Google results pages. is a particularly bad offender because with their new strategy of being a farm of content farms (instead of a search engine), is simply filled with links to and similarly spammy sites. They bailed on their search engine business because they realized just how lucrative it could be to be a content farm (or farm of farms).

    Hard to believe. It does appear that Google is trying to do the right thing. Hopefully, they will address these other big problems quickly because it is significantly hurting all the other “little guys” that got bumped out of the top results by further promoting crap content from and that are notoriously taking huge advantage of their site age, high page rank, and massive inbound links that were mostly derived through gray/black hat SEO techniques. If Google has intentions of getting it right for users, the hammer will eventually come down on and

  • Brian Spitzer

    <3 you COM I check on you all day :-)

  • Stagueve

    FTW! :)

  • richard_fish

    Go CoM! Looking forward to your posts on today’s event :-)

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Congrats Khaney. I like your site and I’m glad it’s back in the Google rankings where it belongs.

    I just picked up the latest issue of Wired today and look forward to reading the Foxxconn article. Thanks for the heads up

  • God

    “Steal our content” ? Most of the “content” is either stolen from elsewhere or made up from John Brownlee’s commode after he shits in it. You guys make up your own stories (like that “Apple staffer” crap yesterday) to get what’s precious to you – traffic. Google doesn’t downrank you for no reason !

  • CamilloMiller

    Shut the fuck up idiot, or at least show your real name, you demented troll.

    Way to go guys!
    “Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in!”

  • Shaun

    Glad you got your position guys, this is one of my favourite sites. Keep up the good work.

  • striker_kk

    I dont think they changed the whole algorithm for this.

  • Andy Foote

    Did they change the algorithm or do a little magic whitelisting?……either way it’s very troubling, this power to make someone/something invisible on the web.

    See recent NYT article: “Google Faces New Antitrust Charges in Europe.”

    Changing tack – I’m looking forward to the $99 pre-paid iPhone one last thing announcement after the iPad 2 snore-fest (I want my, I want my iPad 3).

  • Chewan

    You may need to create CULTOFANDROID or CULTOFGOOGLE :)

  • Alex

    I blame crappy articles by John Brownlee….

  • Al

    For me, Cult of Mac is THE BEST Apple blog out there.

    I especially like Leander Kahney’s editorials and John Brownlee reporting all the rumours, which are all part of the fun of being an Apple fan.

    I stopped reading all other Apple blogs a long time ago. Waste of time. CoM is all I need. :)

  • DrRoot

    I remember a day, when one of my site was smacked from 110k a day to 10k a day, i can totally understand how bad it feels, years of hardwork goes down the drain before your eyes. I am glad they took notice and put your site up.

  • Dirk Chester

    So much for google not making manual exceptions. They kill real sites then give instant gratification to faggot mac user sites. Someone with some galls and money has got to sue those sons of bitches, google is shit

  • August

    It’s great to see that your page was reinstated, seems most likely via whitelisting. What’s unfortunate is that the more I look at the search results returned after the Panda update, the more this update looks like an epic fail. Many authoritative sites have been crushed out of the results under the weight of spammy wordpress blogs that all spin the same content. I guess “pretty presentation” totally trumps long term quality content providers.
    Google should allow some way for sites that feel they have been unfairly hammered to request reinclusion – not everyone will be able to get a Matt Cutts intervention.

  • michaelra

    It’s great news that Google reinstated Cult of Mac although that will not happen to other smaller genuine blogs and websites.. *sigh*