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Fezibo All-in-One Standing Desk★★★★☆
This Fezibo standing desk gets the job done nicely -- and on the cheap.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

When I moved to a new place recently, I decided to get serious about an expanded and ergonomically healthy computer setup — including a solid and surprisingly affordable electric standing desk from Fezibo.

Better-known standing desks often go for $600 or more, but my spacious, handsome and practical desk cost me just $261. And so far it’s reliable, with just a couple of small caveats.

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Good value: Fezibo All-in-One Standing Desk

Fezibo makes a number of electric standing desks and sells them on The one I bought is a 55in x 26in wooden desktop in a light walnut finish on a white steel-alloy frame, plus a built in white wooden desk shelf (aka monitor stand) on top with two drawers.

It comes with LED strips for warm, ambient lighting, though no colorful RGB lighting. The electric motor raises and lowers the desk as you like. And it includes two preset memory positions to go straight to your sitting or standing preferences.

Bottom line is low cost

Fezibo All-in-One Standing Desk
You can raise the desk via arrow buttons or with a preset to your preferred height.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

The bottom line here is value for cost. Establishing a new home is expensive, so I cut budgetary corners all over the place. My new can opener broke the first time I used it, but I gambled on other budget items anyway.

I paid $260.99 for the desk. It’s is often listed for $329.99. And a solid 89% of Amazon reviewers give it 4 or 5 stars. Going even less expensive, you can find Fezibo standing desks on Amazon for as little as $139, competing with low-cost brands like Flexispot, ErGear and SHW.

Price-wise, compare that to price ranges for better-known and widely recommended standing desks often seen in Cult of Mac‘s Setups coverage:

  1. Uplift V2 Standing Desk – $599 – $650
  2. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk – $550 – $600

Kind of a chore to assemble

Fezibo All-in-One Standing Desk drawer
The drawers don’t sit perfectly flush in the recessions because they’re just thin, folded metal.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

Naturally, the Fezibo standing desk arrived in a heavy, flat box, completely disassembled. In a new apartment where most of my new belongings needed assembly, the desk ranked pretty high on the difficulty scale, which — as we’ve all learned from Ikea — should be measured in decibel levels of profanities screamed.

Because I had a lot of junk to put together and organize in the new place, I brought in a ringer for the standing-desk assembly. No, not Angi or TaskRabbit. I threw my brother the engineer at the problem.

And in his methodical way, he got the job done with aplomb. He even seemed to enjoy it, almost. But I could see it wasn’t easy. It took him about 90 minutes and probably would have taken me longer — with more angry muttering.

Comes with rolling casters and cheap-ish drawers

My brother advised me well on one important choice during assembly, as well — did I want the stationary feet or the rolling casters with locks? The desk comes with both. He pushed for the casters, and I’m glad he did. You can lock and unlock them with a flip of a lever. Locked, they keep the desk firmly in place. Unlocked, they let you easily roll the desk to a new position, even loaded with gear.

One element where cheapness shows up is the drawers for the desk shelf. They come as thin metal sheets with perforated lines that you fold up to created drawer shape. It’s hard to get them perfectly uniform and they don’t fit precisely, but they work OK.

Works well enough, with minimal wobble

Fezibo All-in-One Standing Desk headphone hook
The plastic headphone hooks hanging down from each end are a nice touch.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

Over the past weeks of use, I’ve found little to complain about with the desk. The electric motor continues to work steadily. I’m sure at least some pricier standing desks have stronger motors, but this one doesn’t struggle even with a loaded desk.

It took some futzing to get the memory presets to work. I’m still not sure if I have to press the numbered buttons more than once or press and hold them to get it to commit to the desired preset position, but it certainly works with a bit of fumbling.

You can select a desired height from 27.16 inches to 46.06 inches. At just under 5-foot-10 inches, I find my position for seated is 29 inches (or a touch lower) and my position for standing is 43 inches. 

The desk seems solid enough. I get little-to-no wobble in it from typing, and just a bit of wobble in one of my dual monitors from my wrist movement, or moving items around on the desktop.

Room for plenty of gear and small stuff

I have two 27-inch 4K displays on standard stands, a 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro laying flat and various other items like a 3-in-1 charging stand, several sets of earbuds and a flashlight on top of the desk shelf. Under that are two drawers on either end and an open shelf in the middle, with room for low-profile items of all sorts. 

The LED lighting is subtle, not highly useful. It shines from under the shelf, illuminating the desktop a bit near the base of the shelf. The light bar on my right-hand display does more to light the scene.

Plastic hooks come down from the underside of the wooden desktop on both ends, providing good spots to hang headphones and perhaps cables. But there are no baskets, channels or other built-in ways to wrangle cables.

Recommendation: Save some dough on a decent standing desk

So, if you want to build your computer setup around a spacious, sturdy standing desk — but you don’t want to spend several hundred bucks or more — this Fezibo model is a good choice. One person can assemble it, though it might be better to have help from a friend. Then, once you’re good to go, just remember to use it as intended and stand up more often.

You can currently pick up the desk on Amazon for $329.99.

Where to buy: Amazon

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Fezibo Electric Standing Desk with Monitor Stand

This 55 × 26 inch, height-adjustable motorized standing desk features LED light strips and two drawers under the monitor shelf. Comes in a variety of finishes.

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