Dual Magic Trackpads? But why? [Setups]


This guy claims two Magic Trackpads is the way to go.
This guy claims two Magic Trackpads is the way to go.
Photo: rapgamejordan@reddit.com

From time to time we see setups with both a Magic Trackpad and a mouse because of their different peculiarities — mainly because many people find trackpads especially good for gesturing. But why would you use two Magic Trackpads?

Well, today’s MacBook Pro setup with dual Studio Displays and dual Magic Trackpads provides a use case.

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Why use 2 Magic Trackpads in a computer setup?

Redditor rapgamejordan (“Jordan”) showcased the sleek setup in a post entitled, “Current Desk Setup.” They use a powerful 16-inch M2 Max MacBook Pro to drive two Studio Displays, one with a Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bar perched on top.

The setup also includes dual Magic Trackpads, a Magic Mouse 2, and Yamaha HS7 Speakers, all on an ultra-wide desk backlit by Philips Hue Play light bars on the monitors and light strips behind the desk.

“Very Star Trek bridge-like,” a commenter noted, which is a characterization we support.

“It feels like it sometimes lol,” Jordan replied.

2 Magic Trackpads can be better than one

But then someone quickly came to the point.

“2 trackpads?” they asked. “But why?”

“Makes it easier to navigate across both displays without having to move my arms too much,” Jordan replied. “They also work as turn table controllers in DJay Pro.”

So there you have it. And others supported the idea.

“I am starting to buy into this idea myself, I just wish they could more easily swap between machines,” a commenter said. “I end up leaving my trackpad connected to a magnetic USB cable most of the time just so my KVM setup is less frustrating.”

And someone supported two different types of input devices, as mentioned above.

“I love a trackpad left side, mouse right side myself!” they said.

Audiophile advice

Another commenter wondered how the Yamaha HS7 speakers on Kanto bookshelf stands connected to the setup. Jordan explained he uses an Apollo Solo audio interface connected by wire via quarter-inch inputs.

Then some weighed in with solid advice on how to treat high-quality speakers:

Maybe some expert can correct me if I am wrong, but AFAIK it’s always better to leave your audio monitors (HS7) without anything over. You are using correctly their stands to isolate them from the table and let them vibrate without interference, so it’s the same for the top. If you “add” arbitrary weight (and volume) on top of your speakers, you change the overall balance and the center of mass, substantially how they are designed to work; this can lead to a change (a little) in how they sound and also can reduce their lifetime.

Don’t the Studio Display’s bezels in the center drive you nuts?

Another person raised a concern we see here and there with dual monitors. The natural desire to look at the center may pose problems.

“The line on the center don’t bother you?” they asked. “I need have one central monitor on the front.”

“Not at all, it’s kinda like the iPhone notch you kinda just get use to it and barely notice it afterwards,” Jordan replied.

And of course someone asked about the connectivity.

“How do you have two external monitors with your Mac?” they asked. “I’m trying to do this as well but keep running into problems with MST.”

“I use a CalDigit TS4 that powers the entire setup,” Jordan said. “I have both monitors running through the TS4 so I only need one cable going into either MacBook to power this workstation.”

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