iPhone Apps Can Help You Impersonate The Police [Bad Ideas]



There is an app for practically anything and now there are apps that will help you to impersonate a cop. Especially a cop making traffic stops as one woman reported to Northwest Indiana police recently.

The woman called 911 late one night recently with the suspicion that the black Pontiac GTO with flashing blue and red lights at the top of its windshield wasn’t really a cop. She thought that the driver of the car was following her and attempting to pull her over.

She got in touch with the local police who eventually caught up with the car, but they could not find any flashing red and blue lights mounted inside the vehicle. However, during their investigation one of the passengers in the car gave them a cell phone that belonged to the driver of the car.

The unnamed cellular phone contained an app that was created to imitate a police car’s emergency lights and sirens. That got me thinking so I checked the iTunes App Store. I found out that apps simulating police car lights, probably like the one used in this caper, are readily available for iOS devices and here is one good example.

Outta My Way (iTunes link) is an iOS app that simulates police lights and sirens and it doesn’t do a bad job. It sells for $.99 and it seems to be pretty popular app in the iTunes App Store. It’s sold as a novelty app and clearly isn’t intended for anything else after all the iPhone screen isn’t that big. I don’t see how anyone could mistake it for real police lights. It wasn’t used in this incident either as far as I know.

One thing for sure I’m constantly amazed at the unique ways people use the technology available to them for good and unfortunately to many bad reasons. Have you done anything that you regretted doing with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment.

[via Chicago Sun-Times]