Case Turns The Rear Of Your iPhone Into A Big Soft Light



The iPhone’s LED lamp is a handy as hell. I never, ever use it for photos, but I use it as a flashlight all the time, and I have it set to flash when my iPhone gives me an alert (usually it makes my jeans pocket flash alarmingly).

Now I can use it to light up my iPhone’s whole back, if I choose to put it in the curvy Theo Light, a case that works like the Kindle Paperwhite’s magical light-up screen. And I might even start using it for photos.



Photojojo’s LED Lighting Bank Will Brighten Up Your iPhoneography



Counter-intuitive though it may seem, taking a light source and putting it right up close to your subject’s face – as close as you can without getting it in frame – makes for softer light. Why? Because it makes the light bigger in relation to the subject. If that subject is a face, a bigger light can “wrap around” its contours and fill in its own shadows.

And the Photojojo Pocket Spotlight is a big light source for your iPhone.

LED Ringlight For High-Fashion iPhoneography


Ring flash — once the preserve of high-end (or deep-pocketed) fashion photographers and macro nerds with real, like, cameras — now in reach of us plebs with cameraphones. The LED Ringlight from Adorama is a dim-able, continuous light source that can now be used for video and non-synced camera lighting, and it costs just $100.

Why bother? Read on:

CordLite Illuminated iPhone Cable Makes Nighttime Charging Easy [Kickstarter]


Almost nightly I scrabble around in the dark trying to find the 30-pin dock connector dangling from my desk so I can plug it onto my depleted iPad without disturbing the Lady, sleeping beside me. I say “almost” as sometimes I fall into a drunken sleep with my spectacles askew and the iPad still in my lap or – more often – the Lady refuses to sleep with me and goes to her own room.

And every time I struggle to find the plug, I wish for something like the illuminated CordLite cable.

iPhone Apps Can Help You Impersonate The Police [Bad Ideas]



There is an app for practically anything and now there are apps that will help you to impersonate a cop. Especially a cop making traffic stops as one woman reported to Northwest Indiana police recently.

The woman called 911 late one night recently with the suspicion that the black Pontiac GTO with flashing blue and red lights at the top of its windshield wasn’t really a cop. She thought that the driver of the car was following her and attempting to pull her over.