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Report: iPad 2 Will Be Announced In March During “Small Event”



Apple events tend to be grand affairs, but as the presumed launch of the iPad 2 approaches, it’s unclear exactly how Cupertino will choose to herald in their second-gen tablet with the company’s charismatic CEO on an indefinite medical leave of absence.

An Apple product launch just isn’t the same without Steve, and it appears that Apple knows it: according to a brief new report, the launch of the iPad 2 will be a smaller affair than customary.

The report comes by way of, a blog with a decent record when it comes to accurate predictions. They say that the event that Apple will host a “small event to introduce [the] next generation of iPad.”

This event, while small, is still on track for March, according to macotakara’s sources. However, it will likely only herald a domestic launch, with the iPad 2’s launch in overseas market to be rolled out gradually, as with the first-gen iPad.

Although Steve Jobs has increasingly been turning stage time at Apple events over to his management, he has still been a notable presence in recent Apple product launches, infecting the crowd with his own enthusiasm. Without Steve to play the role of emcee, would Apple prefer to make any event small and llet the iPad 2 speak for itself?