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M2 MacBook Air now available for in-store pickup


Apple keeps up with rush of M2 MacBook Air preorders
Time to pick up your M2 MacBook Air from your nearest Apple Store.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air is now arriving for preorder customers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. It will also be available for in-store pickup starting today in most major markets of the world.

Apple’s svelte M2 MacBook Air has received rave reviews for its excellent performance and long battery life.

Redesigned M2 MacBook Air is both fast and efficient

Apple announced the 2022 MacBook Air at WWDC22 in June. The latest entrant to the Air lineup features a completely redesigned chassis that’s lighter and thinner than the outgoing model.

It is powered by Apple’s second-gen M2 chip, which brings an 18% uplift in performance than the M1. Initial benchmarks also point to the M2 MacBook Air being 20% faster than the M1 model.

All M2 MacBook Air reviews unanimously praised the machine for its beautiful new design and fast performance.

However, you should avoid buying the M2 MacBook Air if you will stress the machine continuously with a sustained workload. The M2 chip throttles faster than its predecessor, and the lack of an active cooling solution means Apple needs to throttle the processor heavily to keep it cool.

2022 MacBook Air now available at your nearest Apple Store

Apple said the new MacBook Air would go on sale “next month” when it first unveiled the machine at WWDC22. The company then started accepting preorders for the machine starting July 8, with retail availability scheduled to start a week later from July 15.

Surprisingly, Apple could keep up with the initial preorder rush for the M2 MacBook Air. Selected models were available for launch day delivery hours after preorders went live. As you started customizing the machine though, the delivery time slipped to August.

With a starting price tag of $1,199, the M2 MacBook Air is $200 more expensive than the M1 model. The higher price tag may explain why Apple will continue selling the $999 M1 MacBook Air.

If you did not place a preorder, you could grab the M2 MacBook Air from your nearest Apple Store or an authorized reseller. For custom configurations though, you will have to place your order on Apple’s website and wait until August for the machine to arrive.