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Save $40 on the just-launched 2022 iPad Air 5


iPad Air 5 goes super fast with M1 processor
No matter the color, you can find a discount on the iPad AIr 5 today.
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The iPad Air 5 has only been out a month and you can already buy it at a nice discount. The 10.9-inch mid-range tablet is available at $40 below the usual cost.

And this deal is on the base model, so you don’t have to pay more to save more. Though you can also get discounts of up to $70 on versions with 5G or more storage.

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2022 iPad Air 5 is one of Apple’s best tablets

There are so many reasons to love the iPad. It’s easily the best tablet on the market, and is well suited for leaning back to watch video or leaning forward to write a report. As a mid-range model, the new iPad Air 5 has some high-end features, like a big screen and speedy processor, but at a price lower than top-tier computers.

The 2022 Air has the same formfactor as the 2020 one, sticking with the 10.9-inch display, thin bezels and USB-C port. But Apple upped its game by putting in an M1 chip, the same powerful processor used in the MacBook Air. And the 2021 iPad Pro also has an M1, so the new iPad Air offers the same performance as the more-expensive models.

The fifth-generation iPad Air added other bells-and-whistles too, like 8GB of RAM. And it sports a 12MP ultra-wide front camera with Apple’s fantastic Center Stage feature.

In fact, Apple’s newest tablet is good enough that it might be a better option than the 11-inch iPad Pro for many buyers.

Start saving

The ideal way to improve on the 2022 iPad Air 5 is with a discount. Amazon knocked $40 off the price of the 64GB base model, bringing it down to $559. That’s 7% off the usual cost.

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That deal is only for the purple version, but you can save 5% on the space grey, blue, pink and starlight versions. That’s $30 off.

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The iPad Air 5 in space grey with 256GB of storage is normally $749, but Amazon cut the price for this version by $70. That’s a hefty 9% discount.

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The 2022 Air is one of the first iPads with 5G support as an option, and you can pick up the 64GB model with speedy cellular-wireless networking in starlight or purple for $699. That’s a $49 saving.

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Just don’t wait. These deals might not last long. And Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and high school graduations are all coming up. An iPad Air 5 makes a great gift!