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Studio Display kicks LG 5K monitor to the curb [Setups]


The Mac Studio replaced an LG 5K monitor. So far, no complaints.
The Mac Studio replaced an LG 5K monitor. So far, no complaints.

The official release date for sales of Apple’s new Studio Display was Friday, March 18 — same as the Mac Studio desktop computer. Both are winning accolades — the desktop more than the display, actually — but in the days since launch we’ve seen quite a few more of the displays cropping up on social media site posts by new owners than the desktops.

There could be various reasons for that. It could mean more people are buying the displays. Or maybe display shipping has been more efficient. Or it could be that displays are simply a little faster and easier to add to a computer setup, so they’re showing up quicker.

Today’s featured setup pairs the new Studio Display — which ousted an LG 5K monitor — with a 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro.

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Studio Display replaces LG 5K monitor and its ‘finicky-ness’

Redditor RentalGore showed off the new display in a setup post titled, “Studio Display warts and all is great.” They run the new monitor, which sits on a monitor/laptop riser that is also a USB-C dock, with a 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook.

Their new Studio Display replaced an LG 5K monitor. A commenter asked how they compared.

“I had the LG 5K for the past four years. It was really fussy, but I loved it,” Gore replied. “The Studio Display does what the LG did without the finicky-ness. It doesn’t wobble when I type on my desk, the USB ports in the back all work, it turns on immediately when I plug my laptop in. 4K doesn’t work for me, I need color correctness and pixel perfect-ness for my work.”

Gore didn’t say what “warts” the headline refers to in the Studio Display, but reviews tend to dwell on the weak webcam and the relatively high price.

iPad and Universal Control

The other device with a display in the photograph is an iPad mini that Gore uses with Universal Control, which they called the “best Apple feature in years.”

A commenter asked about Gore’s opinion of using UC. Gore’s thoughtful reply:

I put all my notifications (mail, calendar, messages, slack, etc.) on the iPad. Then I use the Mac for just the work. I’m not distracted at all, and can come back to the iPad when I have a break and respond to what I’ve missed. I have Focus set up, but I find that my workflow is simpler and allows me to actually focus. I tried it with Sidecar and found that the iPad was just a second monitor then. With UC, it’s a total different device and I’m not moving things between displays. I’m a huge fan of UC.

Gore also referred to the importance or moving all messaging apps to the iPad and keeping them there, away from the work being done via the MacBook on the Studio Display.

“There’s no such thing as multi tasking I’ve found, it’s called context switching,” they said. “The more you can stay focused, the more productive you’ll be.”

Trackpad and mouse combo

The same commenter asked about how Gore like using both a Magic Trackpad and a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse for input.

“I love the mouse and the trackpad combo, the trackpad is for browsing, expose etc. The mouse is for detailed grabbing and more delicate movements like timeline control,” Gore replied.

For the record, their third input device is a curvy Logitech Ergo K860 wireless keyboard for comfortable, ergonomically correct typing. It has a matching curved wrist rest.

Monitor riser is a USB-C dock

Another interesting aspect of the setup is the Monitormate riser on which the Studio Display sits. It doubles as a USB-C dock with power delivery for other devices.

“[I] love this thing as it both gets the Studio Display to my height and also has built-in Ethernet and USB-C charging,” Gore enthused.

Rounding out the setup, Gore keeps a set of AirPods Max on the desk.

“The sound quality is great, but as someone who wears glasses, anything more than an hour or so of wear hurts my ears. I wish they were just slightly looser,” they noted.

In the photograph, you can see the AirPods Max charging on a stand. It’s a Disxkaer Base Headphone Stand made for AirPods Max. The cans sit upright on a base and take a charge. A commenter asked about the stand, currently available for $26 on Amazon.

“Nothing fancy, I’ve got one at home and one at my office,” Gore replied. “The wireless charging actually works great.”

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