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Journey’s magnetic wireless chargers power up your iPhone 12 with class


Journey's Magnetic Wireless Charger features a premium leather covering.
Journey's Magnetic Wireless Charger features a premium leather covering.
Photo: Journey

Melbourne, Australia-based Journey makes electronics accessories designed to evoke the aesthetic appeal of the Australian landscape. And its handsome Magnetic Wireless Charger and practical Magnetic Wireless Car Charger could keep your iPhone 12 powered up all the way across the Outback — if it came to that.

Or you can use them wherever you live and work. Journey’s magnetic chargers are MagSafe-compatible, designed to speedily charge up an iPhone 12. Better yet, they look good doing it without taking up too much space.

Journey Magnetic Wireless Charger

Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Charger, made from durable aluminum and topped in soft premium leather, gives you a convenient spot to easily place your phone for a fast charge on your desk, nightstand or bench. The charger’s powerful magnets instantly align with your phone, ensuring smooth charging.

The charger’s full-grain hydrophobic leather covering comes from the 108-year-old Heinen leather tannery in Germany. It feels as luxurious as it looks. Stylish and contemporary, it will look good wherever you put it. And the device’s intelligent LED charging indicators will alert you when your iPhone is fully charged.

Speaking of where you’ll put the charger, Journey includes an extra-long, 5-foot cable in the package. That lets you put the charger in more places without having to worry about whether or not the cord will reach the electrical outlet. It also makes it easier for you to use your phone while it’s charging.

The charger works with all MagSafe-compatible cases. That includes even the more robust ones — those measuring up to 8mm in thickness.

Journey noted the charger exceeds all safety standards and ensures energy efficiency. Designed to detect foreign objects and equipped with over-voltage and heating protection, this charger lets you leave your phone for an overnight charge with no worries.

The Journey Magnetic Wireless Charges comes in black and saddle brown colors.

Journey Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Journey's Magnetic Wireless Car Charger easily snaps into a vent on your car's dashboard.
Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger easily snaps into a vent on your car’s dashboard.
Photo: Journey

Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger mounts effortlessly on your car’s dashboard vent to deliver the perfect charge to your phone — up to 15W of power. And while doing it, the assembly holds your iPhone 12 (or other magnetized phone) right where you need it.

The easily mounted charger holds your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation without any need to adjust the highly-advanced mounting mechanism. You just place the phone how you want it on the magnetic surface.

To install the charger, you simply snap it onto a car vent and plug the included cable into a USB port in your car (or into an appropriate car charger).

The charger offers a true hands-free experience, with no need for additional accessories such as cables, metal rings, plates or adhesives. It’s an easy, “set and forget” piece of equipment.

“The sleek design and compact build are not just functional but also add a dash of class to your dashboard,” Journey said.

The sturdy charger and durable mount are made from quality materials. The mount holds the charger and your phone steady on all roads, Journey said.

The Journey Magnetic Wireless Car Charger comes in black. It’s available for preorder. Shipping begins on September 6.

Price: Journey Magnetic Wireless Charger is now $29.95 (normally $40); Journey Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is $39.95.

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