Apple expands student IDs on iPhone to Canada and more US universities


Student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch
Starting this school year.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Tuesday confirmed that is expanding student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch to Canada and more U.S. universities.

Starting this school year, tens of thousands of new students will be able to use the feature to conveniently and securely get around campus and make purchases. With a digital student ID, plastic cards are no longer necessary.

Apple first added support for student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch back in 2018. Earlier this year, for the first time since the feature made its debut, students used their mobile devices more than plastic ID cards around campus.

Now, Apple is expanding student ID support to Canada and even more universities across the U.S.

Apple expands digital student IDs

“We’re excited to work with more schools in the US and introduce mobile student IDs in Canada to provide a secure and convenient way to get around campus with iPhone and Apple Watch,” said Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey.

“Students and faculty have embraced using their iPhone and Apple Watch as the best way to access buildings, purchase meals, and more.”

In Canada, the University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College will be the first to adopt digital student IDs this year. In the U.S., Auburn University, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, New Mexico State University, and many more colleges across the country are also signing up.

Digital student IDs can be accessed and used on both iPhone and Apple Watch. You can add them in the Wallet app using the same process you would use to add a credit or debit card for Apple Pay.

Saving time and money

Digital student IDs aren’t just more convenient for students, but for universities, too. Jeanine Brooks, the University of Alabama’s Action Card director, said the feature has saved the school time and money.

“The response from our campus community for the mobile ID has been overwhelmingly positive … Using their UA ACT Card in Wallet has saved students — and the university — time and money. They use it to access their residence halls, recreation centers, student events, libraries, vending machines, and so much more,” Brooks said.

“Students don’t lose their cards, so card theft and replacement are no longer concerns or costs. Our students are thrilled with this feature.”