Linedock MacBook docking station grows to 16 inches, 10 ports, 2TB

Linedock MacBook docking station grows to 16 inches, 10 ports, 2TB


Linedock 16 and Linedock 16 are available for order now.
Linedock adds extra ports, battery life and storage to a MacBook.
Photo: Linedock

Two new, larger versions of the Linedock multi-port USB-C docking station make room for additional capabilities. The Linedock 16” and 15” sit under a MacBook where they take up minimal space but add ten ports, up to 2TB of storage and a 99.9Wh battery.

The new versions can be ordered now and ship later this summer.

Linedock is like MacBook Pro+

Linedock was made for content creators in mind, and expands the capabilities of a MacBook. That starts with acting as a USB-C multiport hub. There’s three USB-C ports, four USB‑A ports, two UHS-II SD card readers, one HDMI and one DisplayPort.

And the plug-in Cubicable makes a direct connection between the USB-C ports on the MacBook and Linedock.

Linedock Cubicable with MacBook
Cubicable can take the place of a regular USB-C cable, reducing clutter.
Photo: Linedock

The 99.9Wh lithium-polymer battery can add 10 hours of battery life to a MacBook or more… and puts the accessory just under the FCC’s capacity limit.

Thanks to its many ports, Linedock can juice up a pair of laptops while also powering four additional devices. And its creator says it won‘t overheat doing so: “The secret Lithium Polymer Compound stays remarkably cold, even at maximum (100W) power output, resulting in the highest discharge/charge energy ratio in the industry.”

The docking station can be configured with up to 2TB of storage. Alternatively, the product can have 1TB or no storage.

And all of this goes into an accessory that sits under a MacBook, taking up no additional space on a desk. There are video and USB-C ports at the back, minimizing cable clutter.

Linedock prices vary by storage, not size. Whether the 16-inch or 15-inch version, the version with no additional storage is $479. With 1TB it’s $679. And the Linedock of either size with 2TB of storage is $679.

The product can be ordered now on the Linedock website. The developer says it ships within 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

It joins the Linedock 13”, which debuted several years ago.