Apple donating to assist with storm relief efforts in Texas and elsewhere

Apple donates to storm-relief efforts in Texas and elsewhere


Tim Cook goes to Washington
Tim Cook announced the donation on Twitter.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will make a “financial contribution” to assist local organizations’ relief efforts for people in Texas and elsewhere suffering from extreme winter weather.

The storms brought extremely challenging conditions in Texas, where a big surge in demand for electricity, amid freezing winds and snow, resulted in massive power cuts. According to the National Weather Service, more than 150 million Americans currently face storm warnings. At least 38 people have died as a result of the cold.

In his tweet, Cook said: “Our hearts are with everyone across Texas and around the US, including many of our team members, as they endure the impact of the harsh winter storms. Apple will be making a financial contribution to local, community-based organizations to support their relief efforts.”

Apple frequently makes donations to assist with relief efforts. For example, last summer it donated an undisclosed amount of money to support wildfire relief in Northern California. Earlier in 2020, the company donated $10 million to help fight COVID-19. Apple doesn’t frequently reveal how much it donates to these causes. However, based the company often donates upward of $1 million.