Man takes an icy dip in the harbor to retrieve his (still functioning) iPhone


iPhone in water
Would people do this for an Android?
Photo: Roman Czarnomski

It sounds like some kind of crazy game show scenario for a future Apple TV+ show: Would you dive into freezing cold water to retrieve an iPhone? And how new would that iPhone have to be for you to consider it worth your while?

In fact, it describes a real-life iPhone rescue mission that took place recently in Victoria, Canada, when Roman Czarnomski dived into the freezing harbor to retrieve his 2018-era iPhone XS. Czarnomski described the experience as “refreshing.”

Check out the video below.

The incident took place when Czarnomski was walking on the harbor in freezing temperatures late on February 14. His iPhone slipped through his fingers and fell into a (fortunately shallow) part of the harbor. While he didn’t fancy a dip at that precise moment, Czarnomski returned the next day to retrieve his handset.

“I dropped my phone the night before,” Czarnomski told Victoria Buzz. “Then grabbed it the next day when the tide was low. It was refreshing.”

The iPhone turned out to still work, too. “I had a feeling it would work,” Czarnomski said. “I wasn’t really sure though until it buzzed in my pocket when the guy who took the videos sent them to me after I got out.”

This is far from the first time an iPhone has survived an encounter that would seem to guarantee its demise. A quick search for “iPhone survives” on Cult of Mac brings up a number of impressive entries — from surviving a two-month submersion in the Thames river in London to falling 9,300 feet out of an airplane.

For obvious reasons, Apple doesn’t advertise the iPhone’s ability to come away unscathed from such encounters. (And for every story like this, there are likely many, many that don’t end so well.) Still, it’s an impressive reminder of the durability of Apple’s handsets.

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Source: Victoria Buzz