New HomePod mini orders won’t ship to Europe until January


HomePod mini
We hope you didn't want HomePod mini for the holidays.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If you haven’t already ordered a HomePod mini and you live in Europe, your chances of getting one ahead of the holidays look incredibly slim. Shipping times have now slipped to early January on the Apple Store.

HomePod mini might be substantially more expensive than rivals like the Amazon Echo Dot at $99, but it keeps impressing users and reviewers with its audio quality and features like Intercom.

It’s unclear at this point whether HomePod mini is incredibly popular, or whether supplies were limited to begin with. But in almost all markets, it seems it’s going to be difficult to bag one before the end of the year.

HomePod mini supplies are low

In many countries throughout Europe — including the United Kingdom, France and Spain — HomePod mini isn’t shipping until January 6 at the earliest through the Apple Store. In Germany, the wait extends to mid-January.

Customers in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan currently face a wait of four to six weeks. However, in the United States, HomePod mini ships in two to four weeks. In India, the wait is seven to 10 days.

There is a chance you may be able to get a HomePod mini sooner through third-party retailers. But don’t get your hopes up. When is low on stock, it’s usually the same story elsewhere.

The original, full-size HomePod is still available and shipping right away — but it’s significantly more expensive than HomePod mini at $299.

Via: MacRumors