This Amazing X-Ray Mac SE Is A Rare Transparent Collector’s Item



Just like the Visible Man, Apple used to make transparent Macs with the viscera tightly packed and clearly exposed inside. The idea was to allow Apple’s designers to see and understand how components actually sat inside a Mac before the case was attached and the beige slapped on.

These transparent Macs were super rare: only ten are known to exist. One such transparent Mac SE was recently put up on eBay with a rather aggressive reserve price of $25,000.00.

The Mac SE itself was functional enough, with the only main technical hangup being that it had to be booted up from the 800k floppy drive. Unfortunately, rare as it was, no one was willing to pony up the minimum $25,000 to add a rare, vintage X-Ray Mac to their collection. Perhaps the seller will have better luck the second go round.