Apple stays the world’s biggest computer-maker on Fortune Global 500 list


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Apple takes in much more revenue than Samsung, Dell, HP and other rivals.
Photo: Pepi Stojanovski/Unsplash

Apple pulls in far more revenue than any other computer maker, which puts it at the top spot in that category on the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list.

However, there’s not quite enough revenue to place the iPhone maker in the top 10 of the full list.

The Fortune Global 500 is compiled annually, and ranks companies from around the world by revenue. Apple ended up at 12th place on the current list, with revenues of $260.1 billion.

That’s a drop from the previous year. In 2019, the iPhone makers was in 11th place with $265.6 billion in revenue. And the company was also in 11th place in 2018 with $229.2 billion in revenue.

This year, it was beat out by Walmart, some huge oil companies, Volkswagen, Toyota and Amazon. That said, it currently has a higher market capitalization than any other publicly-traded company after strong gains in 2020.

Apple whips all rivals on the Fortune Global 500 list

Many competing computer makers sell plenty of PCs but not many phones or tablets. For others, it’s the opposite. Apple’s revenue top them all because it’s strong in all types of computers.

Apple next nearest rival in this category, Samsung, was at 19th place on the 2020 Fortune Global 500. Its revenues totaled $197.7 billion.

After that was Dell, which came in at 81st place with $92.1 billion in revenue. HP was at 184th place with $58.8 billion, while Lenovo was at 224th place with $50.7 billion in revenue.

Just counting revenue from laptops, desktops and tablets, Apple is the world’s second biggest computer-maker.