Mokibo merges iPad trackpad into keyboard for maximum portability


With Mokibo, the keyboard is the trackpad.
Mokibo iPad Pro keyboard case integrates a large trackpad into its keyboard.
Photo: Innopresso

Mokibo is an unusual twist on the iPad Pro keyboard case. Some of its keys also function as a trackpad, rather than keeping these two separate. It therefore offers a much larger trackpad to work with.

The accessory weighs in at under a pound, and includes a built-in multi-angle stand.

With Mokibo, the iPad Pro keyboard is also the trackpad

“A precision touch sensor is located under the right half of the keyboard,” says Innopresso, developer of Mokibo. “Our technology automatically distinguishes between keyboard mode and mouse mode so that the mouse does not move while using the keyboard.”

Scrolling, swiping, tap-to-click, and more are supported. A red button in the middle of the space bar serves as a left trackpad button.

Innopresso created a video to demonstrate:

The keyboard and trackpad communicate to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In addition, it can be paired with up to two other computers at the same time, like an iPhone or even a Windows laptop.

Mokibo is designed to not add excess bulk to the iPad. It’s less than a third of an inch thick. Innopresso says it weighs in at 0.97 pounds, though it’s not clear if that’s the 12.9-inch version or the 11-inch one.

The kickstand built into this keyboard case offers two angles: 130 degrees for typing, and 160 degrees for using an Apple Pencil.

Hit Kickstarter today

Innopresso launched Mokibo on Kickstarter on Wednesday. This crowd-funding system requires buyers to pay now for a product that’s scheduled to debut in November.

The super early bird price for a version for an 11-inch iPad Pro is $79. The version for Apple’s 12.9-inch tablet is $88. But those prices will eventually go up to $99 and $108, respectively. And they do not include shipping costs.

While crowd-funding via Kickstarter makes some people nervous, Innopresso introduced an earlier version of Mokibo this way, and delivered it to all backers.