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RingtoneFeeder Entertaining Ringtones for Your iPhone [Review]



Here’s a great way to fulfill your hunger for new and entertaining ringtones for your iPhone.

RingtoneFeeder is an inexpensive paid subscription service from which you will download short songs, sounds, and other unique audio files that you can use as ringtones. Subscribers will receive two new ringtones weekly on Tuesdays via iTunes on their computer.

The ringtones are all created by Geoff Smith to whom I was first introduced to via Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code Podcast. Geoff is the creator of many of the jingles and sound bites Adam uses in his Podcast. A good combination if you ask me – I like Adam’s Podcast and Geoff’s talent as a jingle and ringtone maker is top-notch. Check out some of Geoff’s ringtones in the YouTube video below.

You could make your own ringtones for free and I’ve even showed you how. That was only one way to make homemade ringtones — there are other methods. However, for those of us that are tone-deaf, have no musical talent, or just don’t have the time to make our own ringtones — RingtoneFeeder is the answer.

Oh and speaking of free Geoff offers a free no obligation trial subscription so you can give RingtoneFeeder a spin. Go ahead there’s no reason to wait go ahead and try it, but look out you’re likely to get hooked!

[xrr rating=5/5]
Company: RingtoneFeeder, Ltd.
Compatibility: Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4
List Price: $23.76 for RingtoneFeeder Plus (recommended) – includes archive access and new weekly ringtones for one year. A monthly subscription for $1.98 is also available.
Buy Now: RingtoneFeeder Plus is available directly from RingtoneFeeder, Ltd.