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Tactile+Plus Stickies Give Your iOS Games’ Virtual D-Pad Some Tactility



As a gamer, I’ve slowly gotten used to the virtual D-pads and buttons in iOS games, but in all honesty, I still miss the tactility of real buttons underneath my thumb pads.

That said, I can’t imagine who would go in for this: the Tactile+Plus is a transparent overlay you put over your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen to lend tactile feedback to a virtual D-pad.

At first blush, the idea seems sound, but since there’s no standardized placement of onscreen controls on iOS games, you’d have to peel these off and reapply them every time you loaded a new app.

Worse, with tactility comes to temptation to press down: with these installed, I’d be just one game of Street Fighter IV away from driving my thumbs right through my iPhone’s display.

$7.80 each, straight from Japan, though, if you’re interested.

[via Gadget Lab]