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Spod VPN & Web Filter brings total online anonymity to Mac users


Spod VPN & Web Filter is your first step toward online security and true anonymity.
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This online security post is presented by Spod.

With the recent release of a macOS version, the online security and anonymity that Spod VPN & Web Filter provides for iPhone users is now available to Mac owners for the first time. And the anonymity in this case is for real. The app does not even require registration, so users remain truly anonymous while using it.

Spod VPN & Web Filter: What is it?

Spod VPN & Web Filter is an iOS and macOS app that lets users connect to the company’s virtual private network, aka VPN. Using a VPN offers a host of benefits. Chief among them is security. A user’s IP address is masked and data sent is encrypted. Websites and hackers alike won’t know who you are or where you came from. They can’t easily intercept your information. A good VPN also defeats the assortment of invisible methods — like cookies, fingerprinting and web beacons — used to track your online activities.

Benefits of the web filter, aka a custom firewall

Spod’s web filter is a custom firewall. It protects users from apps and websites that track and steal user information. It’s an interesting feature because it works device-wide, not only in the browser. It gives users more privacy because their data does not go to a third party, such as DoubleClick, Google or OpenX.

The Web Filter’s block list, updated on almost a weekly basis, consists of two basic categories: trackers and threats. Trackers are third parties that monitor users online to get to know their interests, location and more across different websites and apps. Threats are host names known to be associated with malware, phishing and/or cryptocurrency scams, aka “cryptojacking.” The filter can send real-time push notifications when it detects a tracker. And it compiles a list for users of all the times an app or website tried to track them. Users can see that under the Alerts tab.

No registration required

Spod does not require registration, so individuals remain totally anonymous while using the service. That appears to be a core value of the company. It’s a lot different from many other VPNs, which typically do quite the opposite. These companies might offer a free or low-price service. But in turn, they monitor and sell their users’ web traffic data to advertising companies. By avoiding that, Spod allows its end users more privacy. Spod doesn’t even process payments in a way that lets it know your identity, turning all that over to Apple’s App Store.

Do Spod’s capabilities around security, privacy and anonymity sound good to you? If so, download it from the App Store at the link below and use it for one month for free. Afterward, you can choose a monthly subscription for $7.99 per month or an annual subscription ($79.99 per year — a 16% discount).

Price: Free 30-day trial, with premium monthly and annual subscription options

Download from Apple App Store: Spod