‘Allo, guv’nor: Mario Kart Tour is heading to London, England


Mario Kart Tour is heading to London, England
The world tour continues.
Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour has already taken players to New York, Tokyo, Paris and, err, Halloween and winter. Now its latest update is sending gamers to London, England.

From red buses to Big Ben, the new courses should offer a fun whistle-stop tour of the UK’s capital city. With some other tracks thrown in for good measure. And that’s not all.

There are also new characters in the form of Daisy (Holiday Cheer variant) and the evil Bus Driver Waluigi. You can check out a teaser trailer for the London Tour below.

It’s available to play from now through December 17. That gives you just under two weeks to master the new courses and pick up whichever new characters you want to hold onto.

Mario Kart Tour: England and beyond

Apple this week revealed that Mario Kart Tour was officially the most downloaded App Store game of 2019. That’s particularly impressive since it only launched in late September, giving it less than half of the year to establish its record.

As I wrote in my review of the game, I’m a bit disappointed with how it plays. It’s too easy, and the touch controls make it far less satisfying to control than one of its console versions. There’s also a greedy desire for money, as seen through its in-app purchases. For instance, the multiplayer mode requires you to sign up for a Gold Pass. At $5 a month, that’s the same as the 100+ games you get through Apple Arcade. Keep it for a year and you may as well buy a proper console version of Mario Kart.

With that said, it’s hard to fault Nintendo on their continuous upgrades. New characters, new courses, and extra features are all there to keep players tuning in. And the fact that many of them are time-limited certainly adds to the urgency.

What do you think of Mario Kart Tour? Let me know in the comments below. If you’ve not tried it yet, you can download Mario Kart Tour from the App Store and Google Play.