iPhone 11 Pro flexes its muscles in muscle car film


Carfection episode shot on iPhone 11 Pro
As seen through an iPhone 11 Pro.
Screenshot: Carfection/YouTube

The YouTube channel Carfection is car porn and episodes are shot to hook an auto buff teetering on the brink of addiction.

Undulating roads, sumptuous light, purring engines, a slow pan on every line and curve, Carfection uses an arsenal of cinematic gear to achieve perfect shots.

Would an iPhone 11 Pro used to shoot a recent episode on a special edition Mustang sate Carfection’s car lovers?

Judge for yourself in the first of two videos below, posted on the Carfection channel on Nov. 8. It has already attracted more than 107,000 views.

Carfection is part of the c/net family and makes short films test driving dream cars. The tech media company challenged Carfection producers to shoot with Apple’s newest flagship phone.

For it, the producers focused on the 2020 Bullitt Mustang, an homage to the Mustang GT Fastback driven by Steve McQueen for the 1968 film Bullitt.

The finished product seems to fare well against the other films in the Carfection archive but the verdict draws some debate from subscribers in the comments on whether the iPhone 11 Pro did the film justice.

Carfection episode made with iPhone 11 Pro
Video producter Charlies Rose using an iPhone 11 Pro to film a recent episode of Carfection.
Screenshot: c/net/YouTube

c/net released a video on its channel that shows the making of the film. Video producer Charlie Rose, who is used to working on set with $10,000 to $20,000 worth of video gear, was impressed overall.

To see some of the challenges he faced and how he solved them, the second video below is worth watching. Rose used some steady rigging and lens attachments, which miffed some viewers who thought the initial episode, where the host says “just an iPhone 11 Pro,” was misleading.