Flashpoint iBoard Brings Loads of Keyboard Shortcuts to iOS



If you want to do some serious typing on your iPad, you’ll pretty much need to pair it with the official Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. The only problem is that once you pair your iPad to the keyboard, it can sometimes be annoying actually reaching up from the chiclet keys to actually navigate your tablet through directly interacting with the display through multitouch.

Or maybe it isn’t at all and I’m just lazy. Either way, the Flashpoint iBoard seems to be a product that is aimed squarely at lazy iPad keyboard monkeys like me. Essentially, it’s a standard Apple Bluetooth Keyboard that comes with a bunch of stickers that can be stuck to the keys for assigning app shortcuts, which the keyboard manages to launch thanks to an included app. A full-keyboard silicone cover rounds out the whole package.

Price? Even though the Flashpoint iBoard is essentially just a repackaged Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with some stickers and a raincoat thrown in for free, it actually costs $5 less than buying the same keyboard through Apple.com. Even if you think the Flashpoint iBoard is stupid, then — and we’re willing to admit it kind of is — it’s still an excellent deal if you’re in the market for an iPad-pairable keyboard.