An unlikely friendship: Woz and Steve-O visit the Apple Store


Steve O
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Photo: Steve-O

Back in the 1970s, Steve Wozniak made friends with another Steve called Steve Jobs. They went on to found a $1 trillion company called Apple. Here in 2019, Steve Wozniak is friends with another guy called Steve. Former Jackass star Steve-O. Yes, really.

In a new video posted to Steve-O’s YouTube channel, he takes a trip to the Apple Store with Woz to buy a new MacBook. Because, as co-founder of Apple, Woz gets a 10% employee discount on all products. Check it out.

For such an oddball pairing, the video is pretty heart warming. Wozniak and Steve-O met a decade ago when they both appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Both scored badly and were booted off in the early going. It seems that that must have spurred a lasting friendship, as they still seemingly hang out.

In the video, Steve-O recounts the story of visiting an Apple Store with Woz, who seemingly wasn’t recognized by employees. When Woz was asked if he had an employee number, he answered that he had: Number one.

The pair also ride Segways together and briefly discuss Woz’s role in the history of tech. Woz says he started Apple for good, but didn’t see some of the negatives that have come out of technology, too. “I kind of regret what I did,” he said.

Steve Wozniak’s friends: From Steve-O to Kanye

I’ve always had a whole lot of time for Steve Wozniak. Sure, he hasn’t been involved with Apple since the late 1990s. (And not in any really meaningful capacity since a lot earlier than that.) But he’s someone who always had pure intentions for the work that he did. And he’s always had fun, such as staging his own music festivals.

Somewhere along the way he’s picked up a bunch of unusual pairing celebrity friends, too. As well as Steve-O, Woz was one of the first people invited to meet the first child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Who knows: Maybe they got to use his Apple discount as well.

Source: YouTube