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Expert jeweler transforms regular AirPods into 18K gold luxury versions


18K AirPods transformation
Don't even think about losing them.
Screenshot: Pablo Cimadevila

Because Apple devices aren’t already pricey or luxurious-looking enough, there’s no shortage of jewelers lining up to daub them with bling for the way-too-much-money-with-nothing-to-spend-it-on set.

But it’s not every day that we actually get to see these transformations in action. Fortunately, skilled YouTube jeweler Pablo Cimadevila has stepped into the breach with a new video. It shows how he took regular AirPods and turned them into 18K gold versions. Check it out:

Even if you’d never aspire to own gold AirPods, the video is pretty impressive. Cimadevila was able to deconstruct the AirPods, coat them in melted gold, and then put them together again. All without breaking them.

That would be impressive with any Apple device. AirPods, however, are a pretty next level thing to gold-ify. An iFixit teardown of the AirPods 2 noted how difficult it was to gain access to the AirPod’s insides without damaging them.  Specifically, the teardown revealed that you’ll need, “heaps of heat, a plethora of prying, and a pair of pliers” to do so. As a result, it said that the next-gen wireless earphones aren’t “designed to be serviced.”Or, presumably, to be covered in gold.

Dazzling skills

If you’re looking to be dazzled by someone’s skill, the gold AirPods video is therefore well worth checking out. Don’t think about trying to buy the finished product, though. Cimadevila writes that:

“This is not an [Apple advertisement] and Airgolds are not for sell. The idea of ​​turning Airpods into gold is inspired by the campaign ‘Think Different’ that was an advertising slogan used from 1997 to 2002 by Apple.”

But, hey, don’t feel too bad. If you’re one of the people who would like to own gold AirPods, just think about the nightmare were you to accidentally lose one! That would presumably be enough to diminish any joy you’d get from using them.