Tim Cook tweets condolences to Japanese animation studio


Kyoto Animation image
KyoAni was attacked in an arson attack this week.
Image: Kyoto Animation

Tim Cook has sent his condolences to the Japanese animation studio targeted in a suspected arson attack. The attack resulted in the deaths of 33 people. It is Japan’s worst mass killing in 20 years.

“Kyoto Animation is home to some of the world’s most talented animators and dreamers,” Cook tweeted. “The devastating attack today is a tragedy felt far beyond Japan.”

“KyoAni artists spread joy all over the world and across generations with their masterpieces,” Cook continued. KyoAni is the common abbreviation for Kyoto Animation. He also sent his message in Japanese.

One of the world’s best animation studios

KyoAni was founded in 1981. Some of its most popular hits include K-On, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the Netflix-distributed Violet Evergarden. It is one of the world’s largest animation studios.

The blaze was started by a man named Shinji Aoba. He started the fire using a bucket of patrol at the animation studio’s HQ in Kyoto. He reportedly believed that the studio has plagiarized his novel. He has been arrested by police.

Source: Reuters