Spotify for iPad finally gets Split View and Slide Over support

Spotify for iPad finally gets Split View and Slide Over support


Spotify no longer takes up the whole screen on iPad.
Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The Spotify app for iPad is finally fit for multitasking.

Its latest update brings Split View and Slide Over support — just three years after the features were introduced in iOS 9. That means Spotify will no longer take over your whole screen.

Split View and Slide Over are a blessing for those who use their iPad to get things done. By allowing you to use multiple apps simultaneously, they help bridge the gap between iOS and a more traditional desktop operating system.

Almost all of the biggest iOS developers added Split View and Slide Over support years ago — soon after they were introduced. But Spotify wasn’t one of them. Fortunately for its subscribers, the latest update changes that.

Spotify embraces iPad multitasking

In version, Spotify can now share the screen with another iOS app, giving you full control over your music while you browse the web, reply to emails, or work on something else.

If you want to use Spotify just for a few moments, without losing your flow in another app, you can sit it on top of everything else temporarily and slide it away when you’re done.

Until now, Spotify could only be used in fullscreen on iPad. That meant leaving any other app you were using just to play a new album, artist, or playlist. This update makes multitasking with Spotify infinitely better.

Download the update today

It’s unclear why Spotify decided to add Split View and Slide Over support now — so long after iOS 9 brought them to iPad.

It could be that the company simply changed its mind on multitasking support, or that it wants to make using Spotify a more seamless experience when the big iPadOS update rolls out to everyone this fall. It certainly felt like the app was lagging behind its rivals in this area.

To enjoy its newest features, download the latest Spotify for iOS update now.