Minit is an adventure game with a 60-second time limit


Minit has a decidedly vintage feel.
Image: Devolver Digital

In an age of open-world sandbox titles, many games try to get you playing for hours on end. That’s not the case with Minit, an adventure game which just arrived in the App Store.

As its name implies, Minit is a title in which each game lasts, well, one minute. That means that you’ve got just 60 seconds to try and complete each stage. Check out the trailer below.

Plenty of puzzle games, or titles like the infamous Flappy Bird, also feature short levels. The difference with Minit is that it’s a genre that, typically, requires far more time to explore each stage.

With more than a slight tip of the cap to the original Legend of Zelda, the retro-style game has you explore maps which normally would require a whole lot more time than a single, solitary minute.

It’s a refreshingly innovative concept, and one that’s a whole lot of fun. Minit originally launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now that it’s made the jump to mobile, it’s arguably found its perfect form factor.

The one-minute deadline is perfect for playing on your commute to work. However, while each game is brief, it still gives you plenty of opportunity to spend longer if you want to complete multiple puzzles.

Minit is available to download from the App Store, priced $4.99.