Mophie’s latest iPhone battery case boasts wireless and Lightning charging


Mophie Juice Pack Air for 2018 iPhone models
The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a protective case that also keeps an iPhone’s battery topped off.
Photo: Mophie

Mophie is out with a fresh variation on its battery cases for the iPhone XR and XS series. Unlike an earlier option from this company, the Juice Pack Air and the iPhone inside it share a single Lightning port for recharging. Wireless charging is available, too.

In an unusual move, this accessory is an Amazon exclusive in the run up to Prime Day.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air supports wireless and Lightning recharges

The Juice Pack Air has a 1,720mAh battery that sends power to the iPhone through its Lightning port. The battery case can itself be replenished via Qi wireless charging or through a second Lightning port on the outside of the case. This gives the user the option to used faster wired recharging when they wish.

A similar Mophie Juice Pack Access introduced earlier this year leaves the iPhone’s Lightning port open, and this battery case recharges though a USB-C port. It also supports wireless charging.

The Juice Pack Air comes in a variety of colors. The exact size and weight depends on which Apple handset it’s been designed for, but all add noticeably to the thickness and about 0.3 pounds.

Mophie makes no specific promises about drop protection, but a hard-shell case and rubberized support pads help shield the iPhone inside.

All three versions of this case are available now only from Amazon. Mophie doesn’t even list them on its site.

The Juice Pack Air for the iPhone XS or iPhone X is $99.95.

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Mophie is also asking $99.95 for the iPhone XS MAX version.

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No surprise, the version of the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone XR is $99.95.

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