Student Journo Thwarted by Steve Jobs Wins Microsoft Contest



Steve Jobs rebuffed student journalist Chelsea Kate Isaacs dogged pursuit of a comment on campus Macs with “Please leave us alone.”

But the 22-year old has now discovered that not all tech companies are so hard to cover.

Issacs sent in a 140-character statement about why she should be picked in a Microsoft contest to cover the launch of Windows Phone 7 — and won. (All speculation about what that Tweet-sized application said are welcome in the comments).

Microsoft picked up the tab for travel expenses, but Isaacs said her journo adviser told them “to be tough” and “hold Microsoft’s feet to the fire.”

Issacs, who says her current smartphone is a “prehistoric” Blackberry, says she wants to keep covering tech — and will treat all companies the same.

“It’s been a really great challenge and exercise for me to just stay totally in the middle and not be totally biased toward Microsoft because I hate Apple, but I don’t hate Apple,” she said. “I just had one bad experience…It’s one person at the company and I still appreciate their products and am still going to look at things objectively.”